Thursday, August 07, 2008

Nancy Pelosi - Know your power

...And your power is not writing books Madam Speaker.

Wow, the most powerful woman in the world, second in line of presidential succession, fist woman to serve as Speaker of the House of Representatives, San Francisco's own Nancy Pelosi has penned a book that is currently ranked #1,567 on Amazon's Best Seller list.

I have seen San Fran, Grand Nan on CSPAN, the Today show, all over the media this week talking about her new book and folks just won't buy it. What is the current approval rating of Congress? 9%?

Good timing Madam Speaker, I'll bet going on vacation without allowing an up or down vote on offshore drilling will turn those numbers around. Or not.

I'll bet George Bush's Scottish terrier Barney could sell more copies if he had oppasable thumbs.

Barney, my life in the White House, and the real story of Miss Beazely.

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