Sunday, July 31, 2005

President Bush can run, but he can't hide from....

The World Tribunal on Iraq.

Better get Dick Cheney in the 'bunker', these folk may be serving warrants on the administration at ant time.

I wonder who's tax money these people use to meet and then slam the US?

Probably ours.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

It's a good thing it wasn't 'light beer'

I know, I know I am terrible.
Monique Bazille used a cooler holding four cans of beer to fight the big cat during the attack on Vancouver Island, the Toronto Globe and Mail reported

My hat is off to the brave mother, good job mom.

Air America to the Gloria Wise boys and girls club-

Screw you, we have more important things to do with your money.

I know I am late commenting on this, Craig nailed it on Wednesday, but it just makes me angry.

People like this are going to get us killed.

In a ru-buff to Charles Krauthammer's piece, 'Give Grandma a Pass'. Colbert King from the Washington Post says that racial profiling for terrorist is bad.
What the racial profilers are proposing is insulting, offensive and -- by thought, word and deed, whether intentional or not -- racist. You want estrangement? Start down that road of using ethnicity, national origin and religion as a basis for police action and there's going to be a push-back unlike any seen in this country in many years.

To that line of politically correct thinking, I say, horse feces. Krauthammer has it right.
This is not a stereotype. It is a simple statistical fact. Yes, you have your shoe-bomber, a mixed-race Muslim convert, who would not fit the profile. But the overwhelming odds are that the guy bent on blowing up your train traces his origins to the Islamic belt stretching from Mauritania to Indonesia.

Yet we recoil from concentrating bag checks on men who might fit this description. Well, if that is impossible for us to do, then let's work backward. Eliminate classes of people who are obviously not suspects.

VDH keeps the focus where it should be.

Quite simply, Islam is not in need of a reformation, but of a civil war in the Middle East, since the jihadists cannot be reasoned with, only defeated. Only with their humiliation, will come a climate of tolerance and reform, when berated and beaten-down moderates can come out of the shadows.
Yea, what he said.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Gray Davis update.

Eric Hogue has the full transcript of Governor Davis' interview up on his blog.
Read it.

Tiger Salamanders in Dixon, run for your lives.

The endangered species act strikes again.

Some Yolo County ranchers could see some of their property tied up in a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service proposal to protect the California tiger salamander.

At stake is $2.4 million in lost development opportunities related to proposed restrictions on about 6,000 acres in the Jepson Prairie area south of Dixon, according to a newly released economic analysis of the proposal.

Eminent Domain, the Endangered Species Act, how long until the government says that your property has been nationalized for the common good of the people?

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Governor Gray Davis sighting!

I was driving along this morning, sipping my coffee from the Java Station in beautiful downtown Esparto, when I heard Eric Hogue tease that former Governor Gray Davis would be on the air shortly. I almost drove off the road. I can't think of a analogy other than King George III wanting to tour Lexington and Concord after the revolutionary War to see the sites. KTKZ and Eric Hogue Show is where the recall of Gray Davis was born.

I have never been a fan of Governor Davis, he seems to me like the character Captain Sobel in 'Band of Brothers'. Sobel was great behind the scenes, micro-managing and keeping the upward mobility of those under him subservient to his own ambition. However, when the time came for real combat, when the lives of his men depended on his decisions, he folded under the pressure like a WalMart lawnchair.

So what happened to Governor Davis? His whole political life had been the pursuit of higher office. You can take many paths to get ahead, the best way is through strong leadership. Gray Davis chose a path to higher office by avoiding the landmines of politics, tough decisions. As long as no one can tie a mistake to you, and you alone, you can always deflect the negative press long enough for them to move on to the next scandal. I can imagine his stomach turning when he won the Governorship election night. Oh crap, what have I done?

When Democratic control of the State legislature became a juggernaut, he was scrambling to keep his power and authority in the political process. When the energy crisis hit, the dot com bubble burst and revenues declined, he was faced with real problems. These were challenges that he was simply not up to. When the bullets started flying he froze, and we suffered.

The interview he gave to Eric Hogue was honest, direct and thoughtful. I hope the Eric, Murray and the boys can get the full transcript up on the blog soon.

Thanks to Eric and to Governor Davis.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Conaway Ranch - a few different views.

As the battle over 17,000 acres in Yolo County heats up, here are a few views from both sides, and a little commentary.
In this corner, the big government types, and their backers.
"The Yolo Board of Supervisors has a long-standing tradition of agricultural and open space preservation. Simply stated, our goal is to protect more than 17,000 acres of prime farmland, water, gas, flood control and wildlife habitat resources for the public benefit.
One final point: We do not answer to investors, but to the people."

You don't answer to investors? The County does not have the money to seize the Conaway Ranch so it is seeking outside financing. Who you ask would loan the County the millions to make the deal happen? The Rumsey band of Wintun Indians. The same tribe, who just two months ago, received a special exemption to build an 18 hole golf course on farmland protected by the Williamson Act.

Does anyone else see a conflict of interest in lending money to the same agency you negotiate with to expand your casino operations.

On the other side, people who don't thing much of imminent domain used in this way. Most likely, conservatives. But I can't be sure.
From my vantage point the county supervisors are executing a plain old "land grab," not for the protection of the assets, but to try to squeeze some type of financial leverage in the hope of fattening the county treasury down the line. Unfortunately, they have no money, and an ultimate cost to the county in legal fees, court fees, appraisal fees, a jury awarded price which might exceed $100 million plus interest for the three to five years of litigation could be very expensive.
Then there are those who just like to get down to the facts.
The Supervisors already have the power to approve or disapprove all development and have the authority to allow changes to general plans and zoning laws; and the owners may not develop the Ranch unless given permission to do so by the county. That can all be done without acquiring the property at a cost of $60 million, which the county doesn't have, and won't interfere with private property rights of the current owners; and won't curtail the public use of some of the land which the owners already sponsor and promote.

You may notice that all of these letters were written to my local paper, the Daily Democrat, or as we call it "the Daily Disappointment"
I thought you may want some local flavor on this topic.

Monday, July 25, 2005

It's fun to stay at the S - F - P - D

From the where are they now file, the original policeman from the Village People was arrested for drug and weapons charges.

What is the world coming to?

Livin' La Vida Hamas.

Useful idiots.

Ricky Martin wants to become the spokesperson for all Arab youth.
"I promise I will become a spokesperson, if you allow me to, a spokesperson on your behalf. I will defend you and try to get rid of any stereotypes," the 33-year-old singer told youngsters from 16 mainly Arab countries at a youth conference on Monday.

Psst, Ricky, you might not want to pose for a picture with your 'new friends' while wearing a Palestinian kaffiyeh with the slogan "Jerusalem is ours"


Wasting time with God.

In a sermon series at my church, appropriately named "wasting time with God" I have discovered a very interesting phenomenon. The more quiet I am, the more I am open to God. I know that some of you out there will scoff at this, thinking that this guy actually believes he talks to God, what a loon.

One of our pastors gave us a challenge, find the smallest, darkest room in the house, the one without windows or any other distracting items in it, and stay there alone for 30 minutes. Don't bring a Bible or book, and don't have a radio or TV within earshot, you may even want to bring a fan or something that can generate some white noise. When you know you will not be disturbed for 30 minutes, close the door and start listening. Don't think about what's for dinner, or if you need to pay the light bill tomorrow, just be still and listen. Set a timer outside the room and don't check to see how long you have every minute or two.

Time will creep by. You may want to try 15 minutes first.

Jesus did this many times throughout the new testament. He went out alone to pray, or went inside a room alone. You will find it somewhat uncomfortable at first, most people don't spend much time being quiet and still. You may start thinking about God's purpose for you or a problem you have been wrestling with may start to unravel, but the main goal is just to be in the presence of God.

My days have been exceptionally hectic the past two weeks, I am starting a new job Monday, my son's birthday was this past weekend, and I am trying to wrap up all my projects at my current job. I have not made much time for God the past two weeks. I have been to Church, but that is not the same as spending time or 'wasting time' with the Lord. I would be embarrassed to tell you how much television I have watched, or how much time I spent doing things that are not very important. I have not chosen to spend time with God. With all the things happening in my life right now, I can't think of a better way to spend my time than 'wasting it' with God.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Eminent domain an eminent threat.

Where are the liberals on this? I listen to Babs Boxer and Chuckie Schumer talk about the Democratic party standing up for the little guy against corporate America, why then, did the liberal members of the Supreme Court not stop the City of New London Connecticut from seizing the home of Susette Kelo and give it to a private company for 'Economic Development'?
Who stood up for the little guy? The conservatives.

I hope you don't own a home, farm or attend a church near a freeway off-ramp, transit center, or downtown, because your property could be more valuable to your City, County or State if they tear it down and build condos, stripmalls or a Casino. They get your property, they get more tax revenue, the community gets more jobs, no one is hurt. Except you, the person who used to own a nice little house, or farm that you wanted to give to your children, you get a check based on whatever the government says your property was worth.

Sound great, where do I sign up?

Lets tear down the Capital Christian Center and give it to Costco. The location is great, Highway 50 frontage and just think of the tax revenue the county would get. It's just those ignorant Bible thumping Bush voters that go there, why should they keep the County from getting our hands on such a fine piece of real estate? File the paperwork and make them build a church out in the stick where they belong. You think that is not going through the minds of City and County planners around the country?

There is hope. My local Congressman, Doug La Malfa with his partner in the California Senator Tom McClintock have proposed new legislation to limit the circumstances where the government can seize private property.

As a farmer, I hold the value of property ownership and enjoyment as a paramount right and with the recent Supreme Court decision occurring in such close proximity to the celebration of our independence 229 years ago, I wonder if those farmers, colonists and settlers that rose up then would not expect the same of us now, especially those of us elected and sworn to protect these and our other constitutional rights.

The notion that government can place a higher value on one person's activity and use of their own assets over someone else's is an elitist and dangerous enterprise that connotes the totalitarian thinking of a few making value judgments over the masses. I believe this is contrary to our most fundamental constitutional rights.

Doug La Malfa

You should get behind this legislation, the home you save may be your own.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

John G. Roberts Jr. - Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

You sunk my Battleship!

Don't you hate it when that happens. The President sunk the hopes of the Democratic left with his nomination of Justice Roberts. All the millions of dollars they have in their coffers just waiting to smear this nomination will go for not. Roberts will be confirmed, and by a large margin.

Among Democrats, Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman (Conn.) may well be the most crucial voice in the Gang of 14. Republicans were pointing last night to a statement he made last week that appeared to say that he saw no justification for a filibuster of Roberts, but an aide said last night that he was misinterpreted and would wait for a fuller examination of Roberts's record before making any judgment about his suitability

The big question now is will the left keep their money for a fight down the road or will they spend it in a loosing effort to Bork Justice Roberts? They have to try, this nominee will swing the court to the right by enough to have those 5-4 rulings go the other way. The left can't take that chance. They must try to defeat Roberts. There will be the Alberto Gonzales should have been refrains from the left, and they will be on every morning show explaining how the President missed his chance to nominate a centrist.

Senator John Kerry,(reporting for duty) says that -
“The American people expect the Senate to fulfill its duty to conduct a thorough, independent review of any nominee, and I intend to do exactly that. I hope Judge Roberts and the White House are forthcoming about his qualifications, background and constitutional philosophy so the Senate can act with all the facts. There‚’s too much at stake to do anything less.‚”
Qualifications, background, constitutional philosophy, John? Were you asleep when he was confirmed unanimously by voice vote two years ago? He has been through the FBI full background investigation more than once. He was supported bya bipartisan group of legal experts in his confirmation hearing to the DC Circuit, what more do you want Senator?

This will be interesting and fun to watch the left spin this into something it is not.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

A cowboy in San Francisco

First of all, it's hot. The forecast is for 106 today, so the family and I are heading to the City for the day. I love San Francisco. It is truly one of America's most beautiful cities. The people tend to run from one extreme to the other, and some which defy classification. But I don't let the nut-jobs ruin my time there. We are heading to the Baker Beach, Golden Gate Park and then to Union Square for some shopping. We may hit Pier 39 to watch the Sea Lions, it's my daughter's favorite.

Some of my rural friends give me strange looks when I tell them about going to the city. I think they are intimidated by the liberal people and the very prominent gay scene. I know what areas to stay out of, and that helps. I have explained the gay lifestyle to my son, so he understands what going on when he sees two men walking down the street hand in hand. I just don't want to explain what is going on at the S&M parade. So we steer clear of the Mission district.

I hope we don't get caught in traffic as folks from the valley head to anywhere cool to escape the 6th day over 100 degrees.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Who is winning the battle for hearts and minds?

Well if not hearts and minds, at least viewing habits.
A snapshot of Fox News kicking everyone else's behinds.

An update to my dilemma

When I walked into my managers office this morning and asked if I could close the door, her reaction was visible. I told her that I was resigning and told her of my other job offer. We talked about the opportunity at the University, she has many friends that work there and understood why I made my decision. I told her that I would stay on through August first and we talked about the list of candidates that she interviewed and would contact this week to schedule a second interview.

She wished me well and I did the same, I told her honestly that I have had many public sector clients in the past and her department stands out by the way everyone works together and actually works hard. I have seen many government departments where half the people are just counting the years until they can retire at 80% pay. They eager ones get burned out and eventually assimilate to their environment or move on. The problem employees don't go anywhere, they just sit at their desks and do as little as possible, and sometimes less.

So I will continue to work hard for the County until my last day. Then I start work on Monday for the University.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Meanwhile, back at my moral dilemma.

I have an unpleasant conversation coming with my manager tomorrow. I have been at my present job for two weeks now. I like the people, I like my manager, and the job is going well, but tomorrow I will give notice that I am resigning effective August first.

When I decided that I would look for a new job, I put in two applications for different jobs in the public sector. One with the County and one with the University. I interviewed for both positions and both interviews went well I thought. My current employer, the County, offered me a position and since I had not yet heard from the University, I accepted my current job. I was very surprised when I received the job offer from the University this week.

My reasons for choosing to work for the University is not really about money, it is more about the environment and the ability to move forward. Working at the University on the farm is where I am most comfortable and is what I love to do. My opportunities for upward mobility are greater at the University by a factor of 10.

This decision has not been an easy one. I know that I will be putting my manager in a tight spot until they fill my position, I also know that they interviewed other candidates for my job and I hope they will find a replacement soon. I feel terrible about leaving, but if I must leave, I am relieved that the County did not invest a lot of time and money into my training.

I cannot help feeling like I am running out on a marriage because I found a prettier girlfriend. At least I can call this an annulment.

PMD update from the UK.

How many of these new terrorist headhunters are in America assembling resumes for a new attack?
A government memo published in the Sunday Times last weekend warned that a loose group of "extremist recruiters" sympathetic to the al Qaeda network was targeting susceptible young Muslims, especially those with technical and professional qualifications in engineering and computers. Most did not have police records, it said.

Do you really want to rescind the Patriot Act now?

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

At least one Englishman has it right

If you are not a reader of Mark Steyn, you should be, he is a refreshing breath of air across the pond. This week's post it exceptional.

Terrorism ends when the broader culture refuses to tolerate it. There would be few if any suicide bombers in the Middle East if "martyrdom" were not glorified by imams and politicians, if pictures of local "martyrs" were not proudly displayed in West Bank grocery stores, if Muslim banks did not offer special "martyrdom" accounts to the relicts thereof, if schools did not run essay competitions on "Why I want to grow up to be a martyr".

Monday, July 11, 2005

Ah, the sting of the whip, the smell of the leather.

Get you mind out of the gutter, I am talking about a new saddle.
My wife has purchased a new saddle. A Gaits of Gold four beat saddle, what ever that is.
It is a center-fire rigged saddle with a semi flexible tree and a unique design for the gaited horse.

It seems to fit her Tennessee Walker better than her old Simco or Tex-Tan. I remember when a store bought saddle cost $300 and was built with a quality rawhide covered tree and covered in Herman Oak leather. That was a when a new truck cost under 10,000 dollars, so I was a bit surprised by the price tag on her new saddle. Most of the 'off the rack' saddles you find today are junk, no kidding, junk. I would not put one of those 400 dollar, India leather over a Fiberglas tree, horse cripplers on any horses I own. Most are built in Mexico and are air-stapled and screwed together. You would be better off to ride bareback than to ruin you horses back with a cheap saddle. It's a shame, I see many unsuspecting people buy a saddle that looks just like the 1,000 saddle for half the price. Big mistake.

My last custom built Wade saddle cost about $1,500, and I would not part with it for three times what I paid for it. It is built on a Wade 17 inch slick fork bullhide tree, 7/8 rigged with a Montana flat plate. It has a 4 inch straight up cantle and a 3 1/2 inch semi-post horn. Round skirt and roughout bucking rolls. Full basket stamp, and I had to put a few German silver conchos on it. It is, for me, the perfect saddle. It was build by a friend of mine ten years ago, and looks better today then it did when he delivered it.

A good saddle that fits your horse is an investment that will pay dividends for many years.
Now she has to break it in, but that is another post.

Pi anyone?

What did you do this weekend? Did you catch the game on Sunday?

No, I was memorizing pi.


It don't cost nothin'.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Persons of Mass Destruction - PMDs

As much as I believe that we must destroy the radical Islamic terrorists where the live and train, I am convinced more than ever that we are not guarding the back door. No matter how hard we try to defeat the Islamic radicals overseas, a few terrorist will get into the US and attack us, that is just the way it is. With the liberal immigration laws in Europe, anyone can claim political asylum and become a citizen, then travel to the US on a French, German or English passport without extensive scrutiny from customs. Terrorists will come here, they are most likely here already. That is a terrible situation to contemplate, but there is also another, much larger threat.

The radical Imams and clerics that come to America to teach their hatred to anyone who will listen. They don't need to bring in 19 hijackers to America when they can recruit their own terrorist from within our borders. The are PMDs.

Young people of any race who are taught by the radical left to hate America are perfect candidates for these Imams. While Al Franken and Michael Moore are preaching what is wrong with the world today is America, especially Republican America, they are unwittingly preparing the ground that could be used by Islamic radicals or environmental radicals for that matter to turn them into terrorists. Not to mention what Ward Churchill and our universities are teaching them.

Lord help us if Al Qaeda ever figures out how to harness the radical environmentalists into a co-jihad against the American way of life. It makes perfect sense, the wahabist want everyone to revert back to sharia law and the 14th century way of life, mud huts and donkeys will use considerably less energy that our way of life.

Islamic Earth First, I get shivers just thinking about it.

To get back to my point, I believe that we face a real crisis from these PMDs. The only way to curb this threat is with help from the American Muslin community. If they hear a Imam preaching that they should send their young people to Pakistan to train with those who have the true faith, call the FBI. If they teach that all Muslims should support Hezbollah or Hamas, call the FBI.

The First Amendment to the Constitution does not protect one against sedition. That is exactly what these PMDs preach.

Put some more lipstick on that pig boys, we got a budget deal.

As the Governor and the Democratic leadership applaud themselves for the compromise deal on the budget, Tom McClintock talks about the elephant in the room.

I am sorry to interrupt the chorus of self-congratulations, but I feel compelled to state an obvious fact -that this budget is $6 billion out of balance; that the state's chronic deficit spending is getting worse, not better; and that the growth of general fund spending is growing and not shrinking.

Nor can I join applauding the 'painstaking negotiations' that have produced this document. The fact is, in May the Governor proposed spending $88 billion (General Fund), the Democrats countered at $89 billion, and they have now compromised at $90 billion. I suppose it is a blessing that the negotiations didn't go on any longer.
Get the full text here.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

England mourns as we complain about Gitmo abuse.

The bombings in London serve notice, once again, of who we are facing in this war. I am not using the term war on terror any longer, I am calling it what it is, a war against radical Islam. The murderous human beings whom we are fighting, will continue their slaughter until they are wiped from the face of the planet. That is not an opinion, that is a fact.

The majority of Americans would rather watch Oprah and Desperate Housewives that actually research who wants them dead in the worst way. I will say again. If we pull out of Iraq tomorrow, if we change our currency to proclaim 'In Alah we trust", if President Bush calls for a joint session of Congress where he offers our unconditional surrender to Bin Laden, if we kill all the hogs in North America and re-write the Constitution to reflect sharia law, they will still want us dead. That means you, and your children and your parents.

If you think that statement is in error, I would only point out that most of the deaths in Iraq are Muslim on Muslim. The wahabist terrorist don't care if the people they slaughter are Muslim, Christian, or Jew, they have been told by an Imam that they need to blow themselves up and take as many infidels with them as possible. Muslim infidels?

We will not have peace with this enemy. We cannot negociate with this enemy. We must crush them and the radical Islamic infrastructure that breeds, feeds and instructs them. Peace marches and visits by Sean Penn to Iran will not keep one wahabist terrorist from blowing up a pizza parlor in Santa Monica. Closing down Gauntanimo Bay will not stem the tide of hatred for anyone their Imams have taught them are responsible for their current condition.

Our grandchildren will ask us why we acted in half measures when confronted with such a deadly enemy? Why did it take an atomic weapon going off in Boston harbor for you to realize what you had to do? What will we say?

On the Plains of Hesitation bleach the bones of countless millions who, at the Dawn of Victory, sat down to wait, and waiting—died! - George W Cecil

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

They are waiting as fast as they can.

A letter to the editor of any paper is written and waiting to be sent. It just needs a name.

To the Editor of the ***&&%%%,
I am shocked that the President would nominate _________ to the Supreme Court of the United States. __________'s views on personal freedoms and personal rights are extreme and far out of the main stream of America today. This President uses terms like uniter not a divider, yet he has the gaul to nominate an extreme ideologue such as ________. The President had the chance to bring this country together, to move past the partisan bickering and nominate a person that would be acceptable to everyone, not just the extreme religious right. ________'s nomination is a slap in the face to every person who believes in personal rights and freedoms, especially a woman's right to choose. I would urge the Senate to vigorously oppose the nomination of ________ and send a message to the President. He should send a nominee to the Supreme Court that would protect everyone's rights, not try to push their religious views on our country.

My point is that the left and it's millions of dollars are coiled like spring, under tremendous strain just waiting to be set in motion. Unless the President nominates Alberto Gonzales, his nominee will be put through the electron microscope of the main stream media and it's friends with the checkbook to investigate every aspect of the nominees life from high school until today. I am sure they will find something real or fabricated to beat this nominee to a pulp.

I would like to have had a chance to shine a little light on Ruth Ginsberg for her radical views before her confirmation hearings. The republicans who investigated her knew what she stood for, the difference is the leadership said that Clinton won and he gets to pick his judges.

What a novel concept.

Monday, July 04, 2005

A very busy week

This past week has been a busy one for me. I started a new job and have been consumed with paperwork and other necessities that go along with such things. I hope this week I will be able to settle into a routine and keep my blog current.