Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Paper, Plastic, or newsprint?

Talk about irony. The newspaper is running an editorial touting a 25 cent tax on plastic or paper bags.

Seriously, just where do you think all your newspapers go? Unless your town offers a paper recycling bin for home pickup, all those news papers go directly into the landfill. Unless I missed the notice, all my newspapers go into the big gray Waste Management bin for curbside pickup. Oh, the horror!

Yes, that same newsprint and toxic ink head straight into the landfill along with those evil paper grocery bags. How about this? When newspapers go to an online-only format and use zero paper in their newsrooms and offices, then they can lecture me on why I need to pay a tax on my Raley's bags.

Until then, please be quiet, the adults are trying to work here.

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