Thursday, September 17, 2009

ACORN's "Cash for Chlamydia" program

Do you smell something? I believe it’s the dead horse I was beating a few weeks ago, but darn if it doesn't require another good whooping.

The main stream media has a giant blind-spot when it comes to scandals involving Democrats, so they can think of me as one of those curved mirrors on the passenger side of your car. My message is simply this; "Your demise is closer than it appears."

I know the MSM is going to give President Obama and Democrats a pass on almost every mistake, miscalculation and scandal, but the latest ACORN videos have made an end run around the MSM and people are asking where were CNN and the New York Times on this story. ACORN, at last count, has taken 53 $Million in tax dollars, and would have been eligible to receive much more through the billions in Community Development Block Grants found in the stimulus bill. The GOP tried to keep any stimulus money from going to ACORN earlier this year, but every Democrat in the Senate voted that amendment down.

Then a series of undercover videos were released. I guess the Democrats ultimately could not defend sending taxpayer dollars to people who would gladly give you advice on the best way to set up and tax shelter your underage prostitution ring.

(I do not condone graffiti, but this makes me laugh)

I can hear the liberals screaming that posing as a pimp and prostitute with a hidden camera is gotcha journalism, and should not be taken seriously. I guess you never heard of 60 Minutes, or Dateline. Undercover journalism is only acceptable when it steers clear of liberal groups and politicians, right?

ACORN, once untouchable and completely unaccountable, has finally been unmasked for the liberal boondoggle of corruption it is. I am sure that within any organization you will find some folks who are fine people, with a genuine desire to help their community. It is now plain as day that many others think ACORN is a place where you can be paid to stick it to “the man.”

Don't want to pay your taxes? No problem, ACORN can help you. Don't have a job and want a home loan? No problem, ACORN can help you. You want to be paid for turning in voter registration forms using names from the phone book? No problem, ACORN will pay you.
Oh, by the way, has anyone seen Attorney General, Eric Holder? He must be busy.

So here is my question. What do think would happen if this scandal had been with an organization supported by Republicans?

It would be wall-to-wall coverage. There would be a reporter behind every shrub and bougainvillea at GOP headquarters jumping out to ask Republican leaders what they knew, and when knew it. I don't see that happening here, in fact the MSM has tried its best to ignore this story. They finally had to report the story when the fifth undercover video was released showing ACORN employees actually offering advice to undercover journalist, posing a pimp and a prostitute, on the best way to smuggle underage girls into the country for the purpose of prostitution. He even offered to help them. Talk about customer service....

Those of us on the right have known about the corruption in ACORN for years. Maybe the
MSM is afraid to go after groups like this because they fear their reporting would be labeled as racist. This seems to be the standard operating procedure. If anyone questions your minority-based group, hit them with the R word. There is nothing like the charge of racist or bigot to scare even the largest news outlet into looking the other way. After years of doing it, the MSM does not even bother to look at groups like ACORN anymore. Too much trouble, too much downside possibility.

So what other scandals and stories are out there? A better question is who will break them? Will it be the MSM with a newsroom full of professional journalists, or will it be another couple of college student?


Laurean Brooks said...

I am soooo with you on this ACORN scam organization. And the Dems didn't see it coming? Either they were blind or didn't want to see it. What does the bible say? "God will send them a delusion so that they will believe a lie." Well, that's happening. Glad I'm a believer.

Yolo, I was Googling for branding information. I'm an author working on my second book. It's about a ranch in Colorado. I live in Tennesssee and know a lot about farm work, but am green on ranching. Can you answer a couple questions in your comment section?

1. How old are cattle before they are branded?

2. Are cattle still driven to the high country by the old method of roundup?

I read somewhere on the net where they hauled cows with their calves up the mountain in a truck? Didn't get that.

I'll add your site to "Favorites" and check back. Sure would appreciate your knowledge.

Yolo Cowboy said...

Laurean, branding on the ranches is usually determined by when you calve. Most folks calve in the spring, so the baby calves don't have to go through the harsh winters.

When spring branding comes, the calves are usually six weeks to twelve weeks old. Some ranches still rope and drag the calves to the fire. It is old fashioned and slower, but it has been done this way for 100 years, I love it.

The old method of driving cattle to the mountains on horses only works if you have a very large ranch with bottom land (lower and flatter pastures)and with high country.

My father used to drive cattle and horses about fifty miles between summer and winter pasture back in the 1930s. That was back before everything was fenced in.

If your bottom pastures and your summer ground are separated by private property, you must haul your cows with trucks. Pickups and trailers if you are a small outfit, semi-trucks if you have a lot of cattle.

Hope that answers your questions.