Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Daily Democrat - yesterdays news tomorrow

I must say that last night as county after county's election results crawled across the screen on KCRA' news, I kept thinking, what is going on with Yolo County? I watched the news for hours, heck even Yuba County had its early results in, and if you can't beat Yuba County, you have problems. So what was the problem?

Stupid people voting on a stupid paper ballot.

Unfair, outrageous slander you say?
OK, how about these write-ins for the election.

"A can of cat food"
"My dog could do a better job"
If all else fails, just write in any member of the Sacramento Kings.
Every write in had to be counted by hand, and this being Yolo County, it took a while.
"I think it's regrettable that you'd nullify your official choice because you were anxious to write in Minnie Mouse's name," Oakley said. "We've always had write-ins, but we haven't always sent people into the voting booth with a pen. It's like graffiti. It was like giving teenagers a can of spray paint and putting them in front of a brick wall."
Mike Bibby may have the reputation as a clutch three point shooter, but he isn't quick enough guard the smaller, faster point guards in the league, and I don't know what his stance is on driver's licenses for illegals is.

I bet this drove Jim Smith, the editor of Woodland's Daily Democrat, crazy last night as the dealine approached, and passed without election results. I looked at the paper this morning to read who won the Supervisor's and the DA's race only to be greeted with these anti-climactic stories.
Tight race for Yolo supervisor
Counting returns an all-night job for county

not to be outdone by
Reisig favored in battle for DA
I had to go to the Davis Enterprise website for the posted results. The Democrat does have a link to the Yolo Elections Office on its homepage this evening where you can find the results.

I know that living out here in the hinterlands, news coverage is like going to a new Chinese food place, kind of hit and miss, but can you at least post an extra on line edition story?

24 hours have passed since the polls closed and there are still no stories about the winners and losers in yesterday's election.

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