Monday, October 13, 2008

The Daily Democrat endorses Obama; a rebuttal

Seize the moment: Elect Obama as our next president.

Let us breakdown the reasoning given for the Democrat's endorsement of the junior Senator from Illinois shall we?

Point one; " Through blind faith in deregulated markets, our leaders have undermined the nation's economic stability while recklessly creating a national debt of $10 trillion.....Economics is not McCain's strong suit, as he has acknowledged and lately proven. The nation needs a president willing to curb derivatives (and a vice president who knows what they are). Given a voting record supporting deregulation, McCain would not change course. "

Look folks, this is not hard to figure out. As I made the case in a piece I wrote a few weeks ago, the root cause of the economic trouble is the collapse of the housing market. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were the major players in the rise of 'sub prime' loans leading to the crash. Who were the cheerleaders of Fannie and Freddie? The Democratic party was the driving force behind the expansion of these entities and Democrats worked hard to kill regulation co-sponsored by McCain to regulate Fannie and Freddie. Its a fact, look it up. These Democrats were paid back nicely for their support. Chris Dodd, and the chosen one, Barack Obama were the top two recipients of Fannie and Freddie's campaign money, you do the math.

Point two; "In the Senate, he has served on the Foreign Relations Committee.

How nice, he has served on the Foreign Relations Committee. The Democrat left out the part about Obama being the chairman of the sub committee for European affairs. They have oversight of NATO, whose forces are fighting in Afghanistan, he has not held any meetings in his own committee. He has been busy running for President ever since he came to Washington, no time for committees.

Point three; "Obama grew up in a multiracial household and came of age in a different generation from McCain. He has an intuitive understanding of a rapidly changing, interconnected world. McCain's world view was shaped by the Cold War and Vietnam. That is why Obama has been right, and McCain wrong, on national security issues such as opposing the Iraq war and now advocating a timed withdrawal.

So let me get this straight, if you are over 50, you are wrong and out of touch? If you grew up in a traditional family, you are wrong and out of touch? Maybe if Obama were a little older he would remember the Jimmy Carter years as many Baby Boomers do. They do not remember them fondly. Obama shares the same economic philosophy as Carter. Take from the rich, give to the poor, and grow the government, with disastrous results.

As for the war, Obama is against the war. Not surprising the most liberal Senator is anti war, right? I notice The Democrat neglects to mention Obama opposed 'The Surge' at every step and only begrudgingly has admitted its success. Obama did not care about victory in Iraq, he wanted US troops out as soon as possible regardless of the outcome. He can talk about his 16-month time line all he wants, he was talking about it two years ago. Bringing the troops home in defeat is what the Obama's time line would have produced.

I will end with this; "Obama will rebuild the economy by investing in the right priorities: green technology, scientific research, education and health care."

Green technology, scientific research and health care? Where is Obama going to find the money to implement all his new programs? When Democrats talk about 'investing' they are talking about taxing you and giving it to someone else. Just wait until Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have a like-minded friend in the White House, you will see spending that makes the last 8 years look like fiscal conservatism.

The government does not grow the economy, Carter tried it back in the seventies, anyone remember double digit unemployment and 19% interest rates on mortgages? Obama is not going to rebuild anything, he is going to redistribute wealth, that's who he is.

Here is the kicker, I am not wild about John McCain either, but I just can't live through the next four years without telling you what the Democrat wont.

Seize the moment? You had better seize your wallet before Obama does.

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SactoDan said...

The media is painting this as a done deal for Obama. Everything you say is true but I am afraid at this point does not matter.

The big divide between those over and under 50 is this. If you are under 50, you want to know what the government will do for you, and Obama's promises are irresistible.

If you are over 50, you probably still believe that you are responsible for yourself, and are not waiting around for, nor do you want the government to do it for you.

If you are over 50 and voting for Obama, you are either scared, or angry. In a two party system, when you are angry at one, the other is the only other choice.

So welcome to the era of American Socialism with the heavy lifting already done by George Bush. Government takeovers of the financial system in the form of bailouts, mortgage and bank buyouts, Bush says it is temporary. But do you expect a President Obama to give it back to the private sector?

Remember that old saying? Those who give up freedom for security will soon have neither.

We will soon have neither.