Saturday, October 18, 2008

My name is Walt, and I am Joe.

Iowahawk has a great idea.

Everyone in the media seems to be wetting their pants about an average Joe who dared to ask the chosen one why he wants to raise taxes on small business owners. The East coast media elites are giving a Joe Wurzelbacher a high definition proctorial exam of the first order. He's isn't a real plumber, he doesn't have a license, he owes back taxes, his name isn't even Joe.

I was talking to my friends at work and they were even jumping on Joe. He doesn't have license, he isn't even a real plumber. So I asked them, if you worked five to ten years for a plumbing firm and you were a foreman or a lead man, would you call yourself a plumber? If you worked for an electrical contractor for five to ten years, would you call yourself an electrician? No answer.

I work in the telecommunications field as a field technician. I have ten years experience and while I have recently let my State Contractor's license become inactive, I have held a C-7 for almost five years. A license hanging on my wall did not make me a 'real technician' or a better technician, it just said I could work for myself.

The New York, Washington DC Metroliner crowd does not know how to handle a real person, so they attack what they don't understand. However, they better be careful, people know real when they see it and they know a partisan media attack when they see it. An army of Joes may just show up at the polls come November 4th if the media keeps piling on Joes like me.


Glenn Haffner said...

If I ractice medicine for 10 years without a license, does taht make me a doctor? It's a shame you keep bringing this Joe thing up when really, no one cares.

Glenn Haffner said...

Or, then again, I could practice spelling...(I guess I should check before I post)