Saturday, November 15, 2008

Obama banned for a week!

With the election over, I am imposing a ban on any talk of President elect Barack Obama for a week. (Unless he does something really crazy, it's my blog, my rules)

So how bout' that weather?

Lets see, with two weeks until Thanksgiving I am trying to figure our what I can eat besides turkey. I have been on a low-carb diet the last few months, nothing very structural, but I read some of the Atkins book and the South beach book and it seems sugar, starch, white flour and processed foods are bad for you.

I have not eaten a Reese's peanut butter cup in three months, and I love Reese's peanut butter cups. No potatoes, a slice or two of bread each week and more eggs than I can count. Thanksgiving will be interesting. My wife always makes my mother's secret recipe mashed potatoes with cream cheese, and sour cream. I am sure they have enough calories to feed a small village in Borneo but they sure are good. I will be letting them pass by this year. I guess I will have extra turkey maybe I'll make some of my mashed cauliflower substitute. Mashed cauliflower is not bad, but it's not mom's potatoes.

The Dallas Cowboys play the Seattle Seahawks on Thanksgiving. I know this is more a Christmas wish sort of thing, but I would give thanks if Jerry Jones would retire as President of the Cowboys and in his last act as such, trade Terrel Owens to the San Francisco 49'ers for something of equal value. Something like a Slim Whitman CD or half a bag of the orange, halloween Oreo cookies.

Maybe when Barack sends me my magic unicorn I can ask him for a new defensive sceme in Dallas, Wilson's 3-4 sceme is not working. ( Dang it, I broke my own rule in the first post)

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Joe D said...

try search low carb, there are several great low carb options specifically for thanksgiving!! like low carb gravy....and of course you won't forget to put lots of parmesan cheese in your cauliflower mash right?