Tuesday, November 04, 2008

President of the United States, Barack Obama

Barack Obama is my President. It will take me a little while to get used to the idea. My wife on the other hand, I'm not sure she ever will. I think she still has her 'Romney 08' button on.

I remember back in February, when McCain secured the nomination, I tried to find the light at the end of the McCain tunnel. Alas, it never materialized. Matt Rexroad was a McCain backer from the start. Try as I might, I could not see how this ends in anything other than a McButt-whoopin'.
I looks like McCain is our guy now. I am not close to being as short sighted as the far, far right wing of conservatives who will never vote for McCain, because given the choice between Senators Clinton and Obama, McCain is far and away a better choice for Republicans, and Americans for that matter.

PS, hope for McCain/Clinton and not McCain/Obama.

Grumpy old patriot vs. Grumpy slick politician is a fair fight.
Grumpy old patriot vs. Young dynamic dreamer is a landslide for the Democrats.
Well, the Grumpy old patriot just got his back porch painted red by the Young dynamic dreamer.
I hate to say I told you so, but I just did.

If I were still a drinking man, I would have three fingers of Crown Royal in a glass right now contemplating how to rebuild our party. I am skipping the booze, but I will take a few weeks to digest the election results and I will start working towards the 201o election. No robo-calls, no slick mailers, no yard signs, no high priced campaign gurus, just this, just this one thing.

What, you may ask is 'this one thing'?
Like Curly from City Slickers said, you have to figure that out for yourself....


pappy said...

Dont worry you grumpy old patriot. This grumpy old patriot had a few fingers full off E&J brandy and a fine El Rey Del Mundo Olvidados cigar. As I sit and ponder the next 4 years.

Joe D said...

Yolocowboy...how many of those bumper stickers did you order...i VOTED FOR MCCAIN!!!


Fireball said...

I never said Clinton and President in the same breath, and I will not use Obama and President in the same breath; until God leads me to.