Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Capay Junction, my favorite den of iniquity

I'll get this out of the way at the beginning, lest anyone chide me for my hypocrisy. As a Christian, although I consider myself a very poor excuse for one, I don't spend much time at the bar. At least not very often. Occasionally, I will head down to The Junction on a Friday after work for 'happy hour' to see the gang and catch up on the happening in the valley. I usually buy a few diet 7-ups out of the refrigerated case, throw a few dollars in the jukebox and talk with my friends.

The Junction, as the locals call it, could best be described as 'quaint'. Peanut shells on the floor, an oil painting of a rather voluptuous brunette behind the bar, and if you look close, you may see a picture of me and my friends from a hunting trip a few years back. Along with these items you will find moose antlers, old saddles, bits, spurs, and just about every other piece of valley decor hanging from the rafters, and of course a 'colorful' group of patrons.

Some are regulars, and some are more regular, if you catch my meaning. When you have your name on a coffee mug behind the bar, you qualify as a regular. I remember the first time I went passed The Junction at 6:00 AM and saw half a dozen pickups out front, I thought, don't these people ever stop drinking? Nope, this was the morning crew coming in for a cup of coffee before work. Like I said, it's a fixture in the valley.

I used to spend a lot more time there, but since I have pretty much stopped drinking a few years ago, I only stop by when someone calls and tells me to get my butt down there. I usually end up giving someone a ride home. I do feel a little sheepish when I talk about The Junction at my small group Bible study. I always tell them, if Jesus came to the Capay Valley, he would head straight for The Junction. As far as salvation goes, it's a target rich environment.

If you consider The Junction a den of iniquity, it's a den of iniquity with a heart of gold. Many thousands of dollars have been raised at that bar for Multiple Sclerosis along with many local causes. This weekend they are having a Biscuits and Gravy benefit for 'Save Rural Yolo County' a local group fighting to keep the State and County from building a prison in the tiny town of Madison.

You can check out The Junction on their new website.

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