Thursday, July 09, 2009

Writing is hard work, sometimes....

I have been running up against the dreaded, or semi-dreaded, writers block. It is not that I have had nothing to write about, it is just in the past week or so I have not been able to finish any of the pieces I have started.

Sure, I could write another piece on the latest attempt by the Democrats to push forward their plans for socialism-light, but that is low hanging fruit. Being a one-trick pony is not very hard work. Some folks on both sides of the political spectrum seem to revel in this us-good, them-bad type of banter. Being a pragmatist at heart, I regularly take those I support out to the woodshed when they do something or say something that goes over the line.

For everyone who thinks the solution to our current problems is electing people with an (R) after their name, they do not remember the spending spree and corruption that caused the implosion of the Republican party from 2000 - 2006. I know the current crop of Democrats make those Republican budgets seem austere by comparison, and but being just a little spend-happy is too much. The Democrats and Independent voters who voted for hope and change are learning a valuable lesson; when you are in charge, you are accountable. They thought the solution to all their problems would be to elect people with a (D) after their name. Woops.

Do you know what I am looking for in a candidate? I want someone smart enough to know they do not have all the answers, they cannot fix every problem, and they are not going take half my paycheck to try to right all the wrongs of the world.

I want someone who understands that yes, we will always have people who make bad decisions, and those decisions have real consequences. We will always have people who do not make as much money as other people. Taking money from those who make it, and giving it to those who take it, leaves neither group better. Quite the opposite.

I want someone who understands that making people less dependent on their own abilities and efforts and more dependent on the government is a terrible thing. I want someone who is down on their luck to have an opportunity to make their life better. If they do not take advantage of that opportunity, it will be another bad decision they will have to live with.

I have made some terrible personal and financial choices in my life, and they hurt, bad. I have also started over at the bottom three times in my life, and I worked my way up, it's called success. It should be rewarded, not punished. I guess the bottom line is this; If you want my vote, treat my tax money as if you earned it.

I don't care about party affiliation, these are not red state, blue state issues, these are American issues. These are basic conservative principles. If you share these principles, you can have my vote.

When you hear conservative you may think of stodgy executives in pinstriped suits or senior citizens with matching white belts and shoes complaining about the government, but you would be wrong. These principles are held by the tattooed 18-year-old who just received his first paycheck and is shocked to see the difference between gross and net. The 25-year-old husband and father who works at the local tire shop. The 31-year-old mother of two who just graduated from nursing school. The 45-year-old middle school teacher. The 5o-year-old guy who just bought a taco truck and can't believe how many permits, licenses and taxes he had to pay just to start a business in California. The 61-year-old small business owner who has figure out how to pay all the new tax increases without laying off any more employees. These people all know the value of hard work.

These people are looking for honest, real-world leadership. Will anyone answer the call?

(I guess the writers block is over)


Ericosborneo said...

I am looking for a candidate who wants to to see our country remain America - to leave something better and stronger to our children. A radio talk show summed up my primary concerns this way: borders, language and culture. They are all interrelated so it's not just all about immigration. But it starts there in many ways.
I'm looking for a candidate who will truly lock down our borders so we can have controlled immigration and keep drug runners, thugs and terrorists out. Not only will this be a huge blessing to the border states (crime rates will drop) but it will also help us stabilize the huge sucking sound coming from our social (private, corporate and public - local, state and fed levels too). I don't have any strong opinion as to how high to set legal immigration numbers but as long as it is being done prudently I can probably go along with most figures.
I am looking for a candidate that will cherish and encourage American culture - not be some vapid multiculturalist. There IS such a thing as American culture. We may have created it out of parts of many other cultures but it IS a distinct mindset. Americans value liberty, independence, respect for God and others, hard work & the rewards it brings, private property... so many things embodied in our founding documents. That our culture has become watered down in the last two or three decades is NOT a good thing to me nor should it be in the candidate seeking my vote.
I am looking for a candidate that proudly promotes English speaking as a necessary part of being an American citizen. Not so much as a way to weed out but as a way to unite. America IS a nation of people from many different backgrounds. If we are going to resist the destructive Balkanization that multiculturalism actually brings about we must cling to those things that unite us - language is the starting point - a common culture is another.
Until a political party can put forth a candidate like this they will find my heart, my wallet and my vote closed.
Frankly, we need a new 3rd party. The two parties are WAY too arrogant and self-seeking for the good of the country.

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