Wednesday, August 05, 2009

What Obama and the media want you to believe.


Hi, is this Walt Lucas?

Yes it is, who is calling?

This is Jay Gellert, I'm the CEO of Heathnet, your insurance provider.

Um, yea, um, what can I do for you today Mr. Gellert?

Mr. Lucas, I am calling everyone of our 6.7 million members to see if you would be willing to find out where your local member of Congress will be having town hall meeting in your area and to shop up and protest.

You are calling 6.7 million people?

Well, I have half the list, Rush Limbaugh has the other half.

So what exactly do you want me to protest?

The President's health care plan, do you need any posters or a bull horn? We found a great deal on Amazon for bullhorns, I ordered two truckloads.

No,,,,,thanks for the offer, I am already opposed to to any plan that will limit private heath care coverage and force people onto a government program, but I'm probably not going to protest.

Are you sure Mr. Lucas?

Well, I would have gone to talk to Congressman Mike Thomson in Woodland today if I would have found out about it sooner. They ran an article in the paper yesterday saying the meeting was going to be this morning, but I had to work. I guess Mr. Thompson doesn't want to announce his public meetings in advance so he won't have to deal with his constituents.

How did you find out about the heath care bill without a call from an insurance provider? Did one of the pharmaceutical companies call you, we are supposed to be working off different lists.

Well, I just follow the news I guess. I mean, its not hard to find out what is inside the competing versions of the health care bill, you just have to do a little research.

By yourself? Are you sure one of the talk-radio guys didn't call you first?

No sir, I just figured that health care is about one seventh of our economy and I thought I better figure out what the Democrats really want to do before it's too late. If the government is in charge of health care it will have all the efficiency of the DMV combined with the compassion of the IRS.

Well said, well said. Are you are sure don't want a bullhorn?

No thanks, good luck with your protest promotion.

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