Monday, January 25, 2010

Power poles, they are not for driving over..

So, I walked out of my house at 5:55 this morning, and the sky turned blue. I thought it was a huge lightning strike nearby, but there was no thunder and the power immediately went off. I figured it was a PG&E pole knocked down or a blow transformer. I drove down 23 to 86A when I saw the driver in front of me go around something in the road, it was the power pole and the lines were hanging over the roadway. I put on my hazards and called 911 to report it. I couldn't see a car or any tree limbs, I thought that was kind of odd. When I hung up with the dispatch operator, I turned around to head back, that is when my lights hit the car, what was left of it, sitting out the field about 75 yards away. I could see the driver was still inside so I called back to 911 and told them to send help. I walked out to see if the driver was hurt.

Other than a cut on his head, he seemed fine. Thank goodness for his airbag, it saved his life. The car was totaled. He said he works at the casino in the surveillance department, I think he said his name was Brian? He has an English accent, I think. Anyway, he must have been flying down the road to end up that far out in field. There is a debris pattern of scattered plastic, various car molding and trim pieces, hub caps, and about 100 Cds out in the field.

Glad he was okay, the EFD was on scene in about 5 minutes, so I went to work, with my brand new New Balance shoes looking like giant balls of mud. Oh, and I had a 7:00 work order in the brand new grad school. I'm not sure the sink in the bathroom at work will ever be the same, but my shoes look better.

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