Saturday, January 02, 2010

Where good intentions fail, personal responsibility is the answer.

This is a pretty impressive lady.

Yea, but isn't she a Democrat? Yes, but I don't care, I care about results. Party labels don't impress me as much as they once did. Can you deliver results, real, measurable results that are in line with my values? That is what is what is important to me.

She is offering 40% pay increases and wants to pay her teachers six figure salaries, so why is she so hated by the teachers unions and big education interest groups? She is making teachers responsible for results, asking them to give up tenure to enroll in a performance-based salary scale. A results-oriented pay structure scares the stuffing out of most teachers, along with most everyone in the public sector.

President Obama should have this lady on TV once a week, but she is bucking one the President's most powerful and influential lobbying groups. Rhee's ideas are what candidate Obama proposed to middle America when he was running for this job, I wonder why he is not embracing this idea of personal responsibility now?

Please take a few minutes to watch her recent talk, very interesting.

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