Monday, July 28, 2008

Media bais? What media bias?

When talk turns to politics, one of my favorite subjects to discus is the slanted coverage in almost every aspects of the news media today. Most democrats don't think it exists, its kind of like being in the home of a smoker, they don't smell the cigarette smoke, but it hits you square in the face when walk in. If you mention Fox News, they are more than happy to tell you how Fox it just a shill for Bush and the Republicans. When I mention the fact that in a recent study only 11% of journalist gave money to the GOP while 88% gave money to Democrats, they shake their head and say it doesn't matter, the media is neutral.

Suuuure, it is.

Listening to the news on the drive to work today, I was bombarded by the latest Gallop poll that shows Senator Obama up by 8 points. You could almost hear the glee in their voices. I wonder how they will sound when they report this poll, if they even bother to mention it at all.

McCain is up by 4 point among likely voters, you know the ones everyone pays attention to come November. It seems that in July, they don't seem to count as much...... UPDATE! I just received an automated call from my old buddy Denis Kucinich asking me to press 1 to support impeachment of George W Bush! I waited to see if Denis gave me any other choice, but alas, he didn't. I pressed 9 and I was disconnected. (frown)

Anyway, back to the media, check out the frame capture from USA Todays political pages. Check out the headline on the poll that shows McCain up by 4 among likely voters.
Gains for McCain in latest USA TODAY/Gallup Poll

Gains? No headline about him leading? Hmmm? My favorite is, just in case Republicans started to get their hopes up, is the disclaimer banner on the side of the story.That is classic. Hey folks, polls are just a snapshot when they show Republicans ahead. I didn't see this banner on a story further down the page talking about Obama's bump. Hmmmm?

Oh well, its kind of like playing football on a field slanted uphill . Only the Republicans never get to change ends at the half.

You can't change it so you might as well just suck it up and get the game.

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