Friday, July 25, 2008

Summer Reading

This must have been a phrase developed by teachers or persons of leisure who take a few weeks off in the summer to visit the Hamptons or some other such place where lots of relaxed reading takes place. For me, winter is the best season for reading. I love sitting quietly in front of my fireplace with a good book, or at least I would like to imigine sitting in front of my fireplace reading a good book because the odds of that are about the same as Jim Smith publishing my stories about cows. Our living room is a whirling hive of children, dogs, cats and the battle over watching Hannah Montana or Steven's Untitled Rock Show on the big screen.

There is just too much going on in the summer to get any good reading in. When the sun is up till' 9PM, there are all kinds of things to keep you busy when you live in the country. I still have a stack of new books waiting to be read on my bookshelf and on my nightstand. That seems to be the pecking order, the bookshelf is the dugout and the nightstand is the on deck circle.

I have been reading all summer, just not for fun. I have been taking a particularly in depth class at my church and I have been reading the study materials and handouts. I like the information, and I am learing many new things about my faith and about how we think as human beings, but the information is a little dry.

So as a little break this week, I read 'Big Russ and Me'. Tim Russert's book about his father and his youth, growing up in Buffalo New York in a close knit, working class neighborhood is a great book and an easy read.

I am glad to see my son is starting to read on his own. He asked for two books for his birthday, one was Slash, the bio of legendary Guns and Roses guitarist and Save me from myself, written by former Korn guitarist Brian Welch. I gave him Save me, and I told him when Slash comes out in paperback, I would get it for him. Welsh's book looks more than a little menacing with its cover, but the story is compelling, or so my son has told me.

Hey, if this could guy could turn his back on fame, fortune and the sex, drugs and rock n roll lifestyle, to give his life to Christ, I certainly have no excuses when it comes to giving up my sinful ways.

I have put Save me on my nightstand and when my class lets up a little, I will check it out.

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