Saturday, March 14, 2009

Light blogging

I haven't been blogging as much lately for several reasons. First, I have given into the darkside and joined Facebook. I'm having a great time finding people I went to school with, as well as friends. I was never impressed with Myspace, way too much junk, music blaring at you, flashing pics, and there was so much crap on the sites that it took three minutes to load the page. Facebook is simple, user friendly and a great way to connect with folks you may not have seen in years.

The second reason is my schedule has been crazy and I needed a break. Too many meeting, too many tasks, emails, lists, things to do.

As great as modern marvels of technologies like Facebook are, there is still no replacement for face to face interaction between human beings.

Case in point, I went a poker game last night. After watching the level of my poker-change-mug drop the last few games, I filled it back up last night. That last straight-flush helped out in a big way, sorry Barney.

This time I am going to hide my poker mug away from the thieving fingers of my son. He has been using it as an mini-ATM for lunch money. I had to dig to the bottom to find any quarters!

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