Saturday, March 21, 2009

Lighten up Francis

I guess I will get the hate mail flowing with this, but here it goes anyway.

Lighten up on Barack Obama, at least for the Special Olympics bowling comment.

I know that for those who have a special needs child or relative, the President's comment could make you feel very angry, mildly upset or even evoke a chuckle. The people who have demanded the President apologize are not satisfied, they want his hide nailed to the barn door for this.

While some of the outrage has come from the President's critics, much has come from the left. The Politically Correct police are out in full force, just waiting to be offended by something, or in some cases, by anything.

Was the comment insensitive towards disabled or special needs citizens? Sure it was, if you want to be. Was is mean spirited? Absolutely not. I will guarantee the Obama administration will sign more business crippling legislation for the ADA lobby than any other President has, but that doesn't matter right now. The professionally outraged lobby will beat the administration over the head with this comment ever chance they can.

If only he would offend middle-aged, fat, white, evangelical males.....

Maybe I could get a bail out?

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