Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The International Brotherhood of Terrorists -- Local 4

Great hours, good pay, death benefits for your family, what more could you ask in return for blowing yourself into a pink mist?
It could be any employment contract setting out salary, paid holidays, home leave and grievance procedures - except in this case the employer is al-Qa'eda and the recruit's job is "carrying out jihad".

By signing the contract, the recruit commits himself to al-Qa'eda's objectives: "Support God's religion, establishment of Islamic rule, and restoration of the Islamic Caliphate, God willing."

An al-Qa'eda "mujahed brother" is paid a monthly wage of 1,000 Pakistani rupees (about £10 at current rates) if a bachelor, 6,500 rupees (£65) if married, with an additional 500 rupees (£5) for every child. Air fares for home leave are paid for by the firm. Tickets cannot be cashed in but are transferable for performing the Haj pilgrimage.

I wonder if they have a dental plan, probably not, tooth decay is probably not a chief concern of a suicide bomber.

First Bin Laden uses the DNC's talking points and now Al Qaeda is using western HR tools to recruit, when will they sue us is in world court?


pappy said...

Now I know how they eliminate the middle man.

Free Agency Rules said...

You forgot about the 72 Virgins. That is quite a bennie. :)