Friday, June 13, 2008

I apologize in advance

For what you may ask? This Sunday I will be making my on-stage comeback. It has been almost twenty five years since I last sang in front of a crowd. Well there was that time back in Iowa when I sang karaoke at that college bar, but I was out of state and I knew I would never see those people again, and it was two-for-one well drink night. I know, I know, I used to be young and foolish. I have since given up the party life, so now I'm just foolish.

Countryside Community Church in downtown Esparto has asked us to play this Sunday while their music director is away. Becky is the person who usually leads our group, but she has a family commitment this Sunday, so this week I had the chance to pick the music and try to match it to the message of the service. Becky has a wonderful voice and good range, however Tim and I sing a few keys lower, so I picked a few songs that may fit our style better.

Our opening song will be Everlasting God, followed by one of my favorite worship songs, Mighty to save, we will close by playing Lord I lift your name on high.

I remember being the only singer in my band back in high school. Its no fun trying to sing alone. The chorus parts sound weak and I could never get any members of my band to help at all. So I told Tim I would sing with him this Sunday. One acoustic, one electric guitar and yours truly. We practiced last night and we don't sound half bad. We don't sound half good either, but we sing because we love the Lord and we want to praise him.

So if you find yourself in Esparto on Father's Day, after you have fixed your dad his favorite breakfast, you're going to fix him breakfast right? After that, head down to Countryside for church service at 10:00.

I hope to see you there.

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