Monday, June 23, 2008

Ted Nugent, subtle as a cement truck in a funeral precession

That's why I love the motor city madman.
Country singer Toby Keith held a press conference at BMI Thursday afternoon to talk about his new movie, Beer for My Horses. Due to hit theaters Aug. 8[.] …

Keith and [director Michael] Salomon did all the casting, assembling a terrific group of actors that includes … gonzo rocker and hunting buff Ted Nugent.

At one point, Keith added, a cottontail rabbit crossed the movie set. Nugent, who still had his crossbow in hand from the scene they had just finished filming, shot the animal and gutted it, right in front of all the Hollywood types there on location.

I'm sure a few Hollywood types lost their lunch right there.

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YoloCalVet said...

Hollywood Welsh Rare bit....