Friday, June 27, 2008

Twenty years ago

The glory of yesteryear that was 1988. I remember that one well. I bought a new pickup in 88', a Chevy 3/4 ton 4x4 with air, tilt wheel, cruise control and most of the upgrades. It cost me $14,500.When I went to the gas station to fill it up, unleaded regular was 91 cents a gallon. The Dow was at 2,168 and the average home cost $91,600. Not to put too fine a point on it, but those were the days. But looking back, I realize the average income was $24,450 and inflation was over 4%.

In 1998 one thing that stands out for me above all others, it was that day in June when I married my wife.

Wednesday night we celebrated out twentieth wedding anniversary at Morrison's upstairs.

Walt and the staff at Morrisons were great, I had reserved the private little room shaped like an ICBM in the corner of the restaurant and we had a wonderful dinner.

Twenty years ago we were different people really. My wife and I were 21 and 22 respectively when we were married. Both of us were so young, I thought I was ready for the world, ready for the responsibilities of married life. Boy did I have an education coming. Twenty years, two great children, four moves, financial success, financial disaster, new life, the passing of loved ones, good times, bad times, we have experienced them all.

In those twenty years, my wife has been the one constant. She is my rock. When things were bad, and believe me when I say things were bad, she put her head down and kept us moving forward. She is steady and strong.

I could say she is stubborn and mule-headed, and when we argue those terms come to mind, but after I step back and look at the situation, her stubborn streak is probably why she stayed with me when I had no right to think she would. For that and so much more, I love her dearly.

My wife loves animals, from driving a team of Percherons, to raising an orphan bobcat. I know I'm in trouble when she comes in the door smiling and says "hi honey". I consider myself lucky that she will not be showing me a pair of $300 Italian shoes, but I know that she has brought home and new orphaned critter.

Here is a photo of my bride, circa 1988 with a new batch of cowdog puppies.

Here is a photo this winter of Holly the Christmas goat.

We don't live in a gated community, we will not be cruising to Crete for our anniversary, we both work full time and we could always use a little more breathing room financially,but I wouldn't trade the last twenty years for anything.

To say I am a lucky man would be an understatement. I am truly blessed.


Katie said...

Congratulations! My husband proposed to me at Morrison's! I guess good things happen there!

Dino said...


My wife and I had a small wedding reception in the original Morrison's Restaurant (where Michelle's Carousel was).

Here's to 20 PLUS more!

The Realist said...

Very refreshing post! Congratulations.

The Realist

Anonymous said...


Good for you. Congratulations.