Monday, January 26, 2009

Dirty Jobs in Washington DC

Hello, Mike Rowe here taking a look at yet another dirty job. So where am I going ? Am I going to animal rendering plant or a dairy farm? Nope, I am heading to quite possibly the dirtiest place I have ever been.

I am here in the nation's capital, Washington DC, and more specifically, in the office of Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid. Senator Reid, nice to see you and thanks for letting us take a look behind the scenes at your office to see what really happens inside the beltway. I am also pleased to have Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi here with us. Thanks to you both.

Thank you Mike, glad to have you here in the capital.
I love your show Mike, but I don't really see why you came to DC. While we work pretty hard, we don't usually break a sweat, right Nancy?

That's right, we are always working hard for the American people Mark, but it isn't what you would call a dirty job.

That's Mike, Mrs. Speaker. Well, I may not know a lot about the finer points of politics but one thing I am very familiar with is manure. I was looking over the 'Stimulus Package' you two are working on, along with President Obama and I must say, it is loaded with manure.

Mike, we have to do something to get this economy back on track. Every dollar of this stimulus package has been specifically targeted to create jobs and jump start the economy.

Wheew! I'm glad you folks at home can't smell the load of manure Senator Reid just flung at me. I have smelled some pretty rank things on this show, but how do you two get used to the smell of this stimulus package?

What smell?

C'mon guys, I am getting pretty good at recognizing certain smells, and this stimulus package has the distinct stench of pig. It must be the hundreds of billions in pork barrel spending you guys loaded into this thing. No wonder you want to get it passes before people have a chance to look at it, let alone smell it. Look at this crap right here. What is this? It says its $13 million in improvements in Las Vegas, much of it for a pedestrian bridge at the Tropicana hotel-casino. Whew, that stinks Mrs. Speaker.

That's unfair Mike. The President, Senator Reid and I are acting in the best interest of America, we want to do what's right for everyone. And it's in Senator Reid's home state, so it must be a good project.

Ughh, there is that smell again, I think my eyes are tearing up. What about this handful of manure right here? This one is $4.8 million for a polar bear exhibit in Rhode Island.

Those are critical infrastructure projects that will put Americans back to work. And both Senators from Rhode Island are Democrats, so that helps.

Ughh, I can't take any more of this. Thanks Senator Reid and Speaker Pelosi for this chance to look at the mess here in Washington. Folks, I have only been digging around here for an hour and I have been covered head to toe in this crap. I am taking a long shower, and now a word from our sponsors.

Up to your eyeballs in crap? You need the new CrapWow!


John Touhey said...

Right on Mike! I've never seen your show but I'll be watching now!

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