Thursday, January 01, 2009


Okay, I am getting freakin' old. I did stay up till about 2am last night, but there was no loud music, no people throwing up or passing out. Just playing nickle, dime, quarter poker with my wife's family. Oh and there were some fireworks of questionable legal status. I would turn them in for further inspection by the proper authorities, but they are no longer in one piece. There are pieces of oranges all over my father in law's back yard though.

Somewhere in the Malay, my wife's border collie thought she would scale the fence of the kennel and go on a walkabout. She turned up this afternoon at a ranch a few miles away. I had put up a few lost dog flyers around the area and someone called saying they had Ellie.

Time to turn in early tonight, I have to work tomorrow.

Sorry Matt, it's been a pretty spice free New Year so far...

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