Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What kind of music do you listen to?

My son and I are experiencing a female-free house this week. My wife and daughter are back in Kentucky looking at horses so there are a few more dirty dishes in the sink than usual. The decibel level when we have been playing our guitars has also seen quite an increase in the past two days. It's been kinda fun, come to think of it. While I consider myself almost domesticated, it doesn't take long for me to revert back to a more feral existence.

Tonight I stumbled across a new music site called Purevolume.com. I started to browse through the list of music genres and stared at the list of musical types, many I had never heard of. They have 49 separate genres. Could you tell me exactly what kind of music 'Trance' is? It sounds like a couple of thirteen year old kids on a 34 hour hour, Red Bull and Snickers induced high playing with their older brother's synthesizer. It's great if you like listening to the Super Mario Brothers soundtrack mixed with Disco and fusion jazz.

I asked my son to sit down and we cruised through the band names and song lists for Metal, Death Metal, Metal Core, Hardcore, and for those who think Hardcore is so last week, there is Post Hardcore. Not to mention Ska, Grunge and Screamo.

I don't like most of it. My son does. He doesn't care if the singer can't, well, sing. As long as the double bass drum is thundering and the guitars are tuned to Drop C, he likes it.

I am not sure we will survive the rest of the week. One thing is for certain, we will be spending Friday night and Saturday cleaning like Marines in boot camp. The house can't look my high school apartment when the girls get home. I may start on Thursday.

I may be dumb as a rock, but I'm not stupid.

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