Thursday, January 22, 2009

Red Bluff Bull and Gelding Sale 2009

Every year I threaten to stop going to the Bull Sale because it's turned too commercial. But I always go. What can I say, I can't stay away.

I have been going to the Red Bluff Bull and Gelding Sale for over 25 years. I have slept in the horse stalls when I was too 'unstable' to make it back to the truck, I have challenged everyone in Palomino Room to a fight and my three friends and I personally closed down the Red Bluff Taxi service because of the destruction to their cabs. This is not something I am proud of mind you, it's just an example of the Mardi Gras in cowboy boots that is Bull Sale weekend. At least it used to be.

Last year my wife and I drove up on Friday night, met up our friends, walked through the vendor displays and then had dinner. We woke up early, watched the bulls sell and drove home. It was quite a civilized experience.

These days I go to talk to industry people, other local cattlemen and watch some of the horse clinics. About ten years ago I took one friend up there, we tore up the town that weekend. Now about half of western Yolo County is sitting at the bar at the Palomino Room on Friday night.

It is a great time, if you're young and looking to 'let er buck', or if you just enjoy cowboy culture and western art.


Alaska said...
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Alaska said...

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