Wednesday, August 16, 2006

How much more 'victory' can Lebanon handle?

This just in, Jeff Davis has declared victory in the battle for Richmond. Locals could not be found for comment.....

You have to hand it to the terrorists, they run a great PR campaign. Not being familiar with war up close and personal, I have little experience with what real victory in war looks like. Maybe I need a guided tour of Lebanon by one of Hezbollah's press secretaries. Maybe he can explain why the Hezbollah flag isn't flying over any Israeli cities but there are a few dozen Israeli tanks and thousands of their troops sitting inside southern Lebanon waiting for the Lebanese army to take over their positions.

Now wait, before you give me the Israel lost, the terrorists won speech, I want to look at the facts as I see them.

There were no rockets fired into Israel today.
Israel did not get their captured soldiers back.
90% of Hezbollah's long range rockets were destroyed.
4,000 or so rockets were launched into Israel.
The Israeli death toll was 157, including 118 soldiers, according to its military and government.
The Lebanese death toll, 842, who knows you can count Hezbollah fighters from innocent civilians, but lets say two thirds were fighters.
Tehran and Damascus are seen as heroes to the Arabs who 'defeated' the Zionists.
Hassan Nasrallah is the news Terrorist Elvis. (I would not buy any green bananas Hassan, you just became number one on the Mossad hit list.)
The UN forces will not disarm Hezbollah, a dollar to a donut says that the Lebanese army will not find of the 'hidden' Hezbollah weapons either.
Hezbollah sends in Iranian money to bribe the Lebanese into thinking that a flattened house and dead relatives equal victory.

The bottom line, a squandered opportunity for Israel to crush a terrorist organization.

I'm sure I could go on and on, but you get the point.
No matter what Israel did, short of nuking Tehran and Damascus, the Arabs would claim victory, that is how they have framed every war they ever fought, no matter how badly they were beaten. We won, they lost, aint we great.

So lets get down to brass tacks, Hezbollah wants to kill every Jew in Israel and wipe them off the map. Did they? No, just a bloody nose, Israel will be back to its usual daily life in two weeks if the cease fire holds.

Israel wanted its soldiers back and to stop Hezbollah from firing rockets into its territory.
Did they get what they wanted? No, but they did diminish Hezbollah's fighting forces by a large factor, but they don't have the captured soldiers.

Who is real winner? Iran and Syria send money, weapons and military advisors into Lebanon and get a cease fire. Anything that makes Israel look weak is a big win for them, plus they are now the official "First National Islamic Bank of Terrorism". Anyone who wants to kill Jews or Americans knows who where to go and who they need to please in order to get weapons and training. But that has been the case for some time, now there is just no hiding it.

The real looser. The US State department, President Bush and Ehud Olmert. Bush can claim this is a victory for Israel, but it when this is examined a few months or years from now, it will be seen for what it was, a chance for Israel to crush a terrorist organization that they let slip by through incompetent leadership.

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