Friday, August 04, 2006

Jerry Brown calls for a ceasefire in Oakland

Jerry Brown's message to the worst killers in his city; you better stop it, or else. I'm sooper serious you guys, knock it off.

Remind me again what state office is he running for? Oh yea, Attorney General, the top cop in the Golden State. Someone should check his urine sample, he may be hitting the hippie lettuce a little too much.

Brown promised this plan, dubbed "Operation Ceasefire," will succeed where others have failed because of its "relentless" focus on the top 100 offenders, especially teens and young adults.

Eighty percent of this year's murder victims were younger than 28, as were many of the suspects, said Lt. Ersie Joyner, commander of the department's homicide section. In addition to a growing Latino gang problem, many of the murders stemmed from arguments over other criminal activity, including drug dealing and gambling, Joyner said.

Police commanders have already identified Oakland's 100 worst criminals with help from officers who patrol the city's neighborhoods and from community members, Joyner said. Those removed from the list will constantly be replaced by new names, he added.

In the second phase of the plan, those on the list will be brought in for a discussion about the consequences of their criminal activity, and offered a chance to start over, officials said.

Hey I have an idea, if you know who they are, and what they have done to get on the list, PUT THEM IN JAIL JERRY!

Sorry, deep breath, I'm better now.

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Ralph said...

But that would ensure his defeat next November. You know he is desperate to get out of Oakland.