Wednesday, May 30, 2007

What am I looking for in my next President?

A true conservative. Smaller government, lower taxes, an honest to goodness wire and concrete fence along our border with Mexico - all the way from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico, someone who will fight the terrorists even when it becomes unpalatable to the public and someone who will veto every bill he thinks is bad for America.

I don't need a moral example to follow, I don't need an academician who can write an 1,100 page position paper on the global implications of a shift in power of the German Parliament and I don't need a moderate in conservative wrapping paper.

July fourth can't get here quick enough. In response to a tepid field of Republican candidates, rumors that Fred Thompson is going to announce his candidacy for President has been greeted warmly in conservative circles. My circle being one of them. Now before the opposition research comes back and finds that Fred scored with the entire Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders squad after a night of body shots at Hooters, let me be the first to say, I am not really interested in the man's personal life.

I have been a supporter of President Bush, I haven't agreed with him on all issues, on some I have strongly opposed him. I think he is good man, he goes to church, he believes in Jesus Christ and yet he is trying to sell us down the river with this illegal amnesty deal that will make the Mexican border look like the Oklahoma land rush of 1889. I do think he understands the threat posed by radical Islam and that goes a long way in my book, but at a certain point I have to say enough.

This Immigration Bill is all broth, no meat. A tiny fraction of real fence. The 'triggers' are not serious, they are not defined as to who will process these 12 million illegal aliens, who will perform the background checks and no special consideration of granting a temporary work visa to illegals from nation who have a history of sponsoring terrorism.

A promise of a few hundred miles of fence that will never be completed, a promise of background checks, a promise to punish employers who hire illegals, in case you were not around for it, this tale has been told before. I was there for that amnesty, the flood gates opened and have never closed.

I don't have a problem with Mexicans, I always said that if they threw off the corruption that plagues every facet of life in Mexico, they would be a power player in our hemisphere. The people are hard working, they are devoted to family, they are mostly religious and the country has vast amounts of natural resources. They should have a booming economy, but they don't.

If we could stop the flood of illegal aliens across the border long enough for the 12 million or more that are here now to absorb into the fabric of America, that would be great. You want guest workers, ok, you want more legal immigration from Mexico, great. Lets do it in a way where we don't swamp our schools, our hospitals and our cities with a never ending tide of people with no money, who don't speak the language and want government services.

The democrats are banking on all these illegals becoming loyal voters, I don't know what the President is banking on. If the only way to save Social Security is by bringing in amnesty induced workers to pay for the baby boomers retirement, tell us, we big boys and girls, we can handle the truth. If native born Americans are not having enough children to pay for our increasing welfare state, tell us, we can have a 'war on childlessness' if I can coin a phrase.

All I want is a real debate. You can call me a bigot and a nationalist or whatever the codename is for anyone who dares ask a pointed question about a truly flawed piece of legislation that will change the face of our nation for generations, but I want to know why we are doing this.

Fred, do you have a comment?
Thompson, speaking at the National Restaurant Association annual show, said the bill will not win the support of the American people because they don't trust senators' promises to block illegal immigrants from crossing the Mexican border into the U.S "Nobody believes them. It goes to the bigger issue of the lack of credibility our government has these days,"

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