Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Why vote for Bush?

This is a very easy answer for me. It may be harder to see viewed through the prism of the mainstream media. Here are a few examples of the differences between these two men.

George W Bush is a real person. He is less concerned with what people think about him than what they think about the country. He really is comfortable with real Americans. He owns a Carhartt jacket and it is worn in and well used.

John Kerry is a caricature of himself. Depending on what battleground states he is in, he is many things to many people. He was raised on a farm, he is an avid hunter and would not think of taking your guns, and he is strong on national defense and always has been. I just wish people would smell what he is shoveling.
I wonder what his Massachusets constituents feel about the new and improved John Kerry. They must wonder, who this guy? Where is our Fifth Avenue, Kennedy Center, French-speaking elitist?

George W Bush is a proven leader. You may not like all his decisions, but he does not shrink away from making them. He will listen to all sides of an issue, them make the decision that he thinks is best for the country.

John Kerry has never held an executive position. He has never been CEO of a large company with a payroll to meet. He has never been Governor of a state where you have the final say in passing laws and making budgets. He has been a Senator. In his 20 years as Senator from Massachusetts where is his record of accomplishments? He is just one of 100 votes in the Senate, he can afford to be wrong, and he is wrong far to often. Being wrong post 9/11 can get us killed.

George W Bush does not give a rip about what the U.N. thinks we should do. This is a very good thing. The U.N. is one of the most corrupt organizations in the world. The U.N. is not about bringing peace to the world, it is not about spreading freedom across the globe, it is about money. Your money as a matter of fact. The United States is the largest financial contributor to the U.N., and has been every year since its creation in 1945. U.S. contributions to the U.N. system in 2003 were well over $3 billion. Think of the U.N. as a huge bureaucracy with great pay, great benefits, and no accountability. You get to make 10 or 100 times the salary you would earn in the real world. If you know who to talk to, you can get millions in kickbacks from Saddam through the oil for food program. I think sometime after the election the mainstream media will finally acknowledge the Oil for Food story. The whole story about the French, Russians and Germans along with U.N. officials receiving millions in bribes to undermine the sanctions that John Kerry holds in such high esteem will come out. Kerry’s position that the sanctions would hold Saddam in check will be discredited.
John Kerry wants the U.N. to grade our ‘Global Test’ before we take military action.

George W Bush thinks that you can send your money better than the government. This year’s Nobel Prize winner in Economics thinks that the Bush tax cuts did not go far enough, he thinks they should have been larger. I agree, the way to grow the economy is to let people have more of the money they earn. We know the best way to spend it, we will buy houses, cars, computers, go on vacations. Actions that create demand for jobs.
John Kerry thinks he is much smarter than you, if he can take the majority of the money you earn, he will give to the people that really need it, government employees. He will grow the Government, not the private sector. That’s great if you want to be a drone in the big hive of a bureaucracy. Not so great if you own a small business, or work for one.

I could go on and on, but I hope you get the big picture, John Kerry will say or do anything to be elected. George W Bush is a proven leader.

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Me said...

I want to give everyone the oppurtunity to see a rolling compilation of mainstream media's prismatic distortions:
It's the most comprehensive distortion tracker out there. If anyone finds one that's even 2% as thourough, PLEASE, let me know, it's the best.
Oh yeah everyone, you'd better work on the cognitive dissonance if you like mainstream media. So much crap that needs to be ignored, it'll drive you crazy.