Sunday, February 13, 2005

Valentine's Day, pitfalls and more pitfalls.

Is there a more dangerous day for men than February 14th? I am at heart an incurable romantic, however this day above all others is unstable ground. I have been married for 17 years now to my wonderful wife. The first valentine's days were great, I could have brought home frozen chicken and a box of 'shake n bake' and she would have thought I was a swell husband for just remembering.
As the years pass and most of your good ideas have already been spent like last month's paycheck, the 'shake n bake' sounds more practical all the time. Chocolate and flowers have been done to death, besides the fact that a dozen long-stem roses costs as much as first horse. My wife is not a jewelry person, a fact that I am eternally grateful for. She is also is not into fashion and $200 shoes. Again, thank you Lord.
Please don't get the idea that my wife is as ugly as mud fence. Not hardly. She is actually a very beautiful woman. She works with horses and is outside most of the day. Her idea of fashion is comfort and practicality. When I met her, she was working her way through school as a secretary across from the Capitol. She wore dresses and heels everyday. Today it's jeans and a polo shirt with sneakers or boots. We go out to San Francisco on special occasions and secretly I think she enjoys doing her hair and make-up and wearing a nice dress. I think she enjoys it because she doesn't have to do it everyday. We make quite a dashing couple, she makes up about 65% our dash.
So back to my issue with valentine's day. She does like chocolate, so I am safe with that, but what else to get her? I have been looking for new pup to get her. This year has been a hard one for us. Two of our old cowdogs passed away this year. We are down to one old border collie, Lexi the jack russel terrier (the little ball of hate) and Jake the wonderdog. I would like to find a kelpie-border collie cross. They have been great working dogs, and good pets in general for us. I have not been able to locate one, so I will keep looking. Dinner and a movie isn't very easy, she gets home at 6:30 and we wouldn't get home till after 10:30, and that is very late for my wife.
I get home before her on most nights and cook dinner, so I could cook a couple of very nice ribeyes and send the kids to grandma's house for the night. That is my fall back position if I get stuck.
I just remembered she does want red carpet roses for the front yard, they are not cheap, but at least they will not wilt in a week.
So there is my plan. I will stop by the nursery and pick up a half dozen carpet roses and bring home a box of chocolates, cook a two nice ribeyes and maybe write a nice note thanking her for putting up with me another year.
No problem.

Valentine's day is a piece of cake, what were you so worried about?

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