Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Get religion takes on a new meaning

For some people the Christmas season doesn't start until the Christmas lights and displays adorn their neighborhood. In every town around this great nation there are streets where these displays take on the scale and expense of a Hollywood production. For those in the Sacramento area, Dovewood Court in Orangvale is one that comes to mind. A co-worker of mine invited me to come by his house on Dovewood, to get the backstage view of this madness. His neighbors started in November to have all the lights, sets, animatronic displays and music ready for the thousands of spectators who would walk through this static Christmas parade. I applaud the effort, but no thank you, I will stick to the 'gutter lights' and the rope lights around my trees thank you very much. Besides, who would drive out in the hinterlands to see a light display anyway?

Which brings me to Dorothy Rodefeld, a widow from Wisconsin who loves her nativity scenes and has one in her yard. That is until someone stole Jesus. The scumbags, I mean thieves, who made away with the infant savior also coveted a wiseman and one shepard. I hope these criminals get caught before Christmas. I would like to suggest a sentence befitting their crime.

Imagine the scene, Christmas eve in front of the busiest shopping mall in the area. A man (or woman) dressed in a Santa suit without the beard to hide their face ringing a bell, also wearing a large sandwich board with this message written in a large font -
"I stole baby Jesus from a widow, please tell me what you think"

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