Thursday, December 15, 2005

Stem cell researcher fakes results.

I'll bet that prop 71 money is being well spent, right?

When you start curing people, give me a jingle. Until then, if your research isn't getting anywhere, don't fake the results to get more money.
Roh also told MBC television that Hwang had pressured a former scientist at his lab to fake data to make it look like there were 11 stem cell colonies.

Roh said nine of the embryonic stem cell lines Hwang claimed were cloned in the paper were faked, and the authenticity of the other two was unknown.

Roh told MBC he heard from Hwang on Thursday morning that "there were no embryonic stem cells" because all colonies have since died in the lab.

Hwang did not answer his phone and researchers from his lab at Seoul National University could not immediately be reached for comment.


Tex said...

Creationism - Still an unbelievably high number.

Evolution - 0.

Roseville Conservative said...

YC - Check out and absolute treasure trove of information about Creation Science.

Evolution is the only "Science" where you research to prove a conclusion rather that to find a conclusion.