Thursday, December 08, 2005

Mad Max - Underdome

From the oh please just stop it already files, it looks as though folks are trying to draft Mel Gibson to replace Arnold in the next election.
Republicans of every stripe have been dismayed by Mr Schwarzenegger's tack back to the centre after a brief flirtation with the conservative wing of the party, which included a rousing, nationally televised embrace of the party's values at its national convention last year.

Last week he announced the appointment of Susan Kennedy, a former cabinet secretary for his Democratic predecessor, Gray Davis, and a leading abortion rights activist, as his new chief of staff. At the time the Governor welcomed Ms Kennedy as "someone who could implement my vision".

The president of the California Republican Assembly, Mike Spence, says there are several reasons for putting Gibson's name forward, including the suspicion that the decline in his poll numbers may decide Mr Schwarzenegger against running in the election next November.

"He has abandoned everything that he ran on," Mr Spence said. "Mel Gibson is someone who can catch the attention of people and articulate a vision better than the Governor."

Is the Republican shelf that bare?


Ralph said...

The shelf is fine. It's just that Republican leadership has finally lost all their marbles.

Anonymous said...

It's not just the Republicans. Did you note the effort to convince Meathead to run for Governor? He won't, and Beatty says he won't.

What's Ed Asner doing these days?