Sunday, December 18, 2005

What's the name of the evil little dwarf who served the White Witch?

Harry Reid, yea that's it.
What a piece of work this guy is.

When he is met with applause by his Democratic supporters for saying that we have just defeated the Patriot Act, it makes me wonder who's side he is on? I believe he, like most in the Democratic party leadership, would rather win back the House or Senate, than win the war on terror.

There is no Democratic power in an Iraq victory , oh but if they could get back control of Congress, just think of all the committee chairman positions they could use to gain even more power. "You back my doubling of tax rates and the chairmanship is yours, what do you say" That image should send shivers down your spine. Maybe if the terrorists were in the top 1% of tax payers the Democrats would get serious about them. They could at least tax them to death.

The problems Reid sees with the Patriot Act are so minute compared with the security of our nation. As soon as I find his quote from Fox News Sunday I will post it. I call it the 'What happens in Vegas' threat to our civil liberties. It is laughable. Is anyone really concerned the feds tracked who stayed in Vegas on New Years Eve 2002? Or the even more tyrannical tracking of who rented cars! They even know what model you picked! Oh the horror of it all!

Seriously, do we really need a dirty bomb going off in Seattle or San Francisco to make these idiots wake up? Is that what it takes? I am certain that even that would be lost on LalaPelosi and Dingy Harry. They would hold a news conference within an hour blaming the President's 'illegal war in Iraq' with making us a target for terrorism. If its bad news for America, its good news for the Democrats. That could be their bumper sticker for 2006.

Folks, you cannot trust the Democrats with your security. You better throw in Senator McCain in that group as well. He is behind the Al-Qaeda Bill of Rights the President just agreed to.

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Roseville Conservative said...

YC, you just ripped off my flame-thrower... I have long been writing about that fact that the Democrats existance is predicated on the acquisition and mainatinence of power.