Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Best of Yolo County 2007

The Daily Democrat publishes a Best of Yolo County magazine style insert once a year and I do look forward to it. I may find a new business that I am not familiar with or just to find out where my opinion ranks with others. They don't seem to have it up on their website yet, I will link it when it is posted.

I am just guessing here but it seems the Daily Democrat's motive for this feature is to get businesses who normally don't advertise in the paper to do so. No harm there, in fact I am all for it, its called capitalism. Find new clients, offer them a special rate to spend their advertising budget in a way they currently do not, and maybe 10% will become regular advertisers.

It is also a way to sell more papers, again, that is what a newspaper is there to do, turn a profit. If you want to believe that the main job of today's newspaper is to be a voice for the people, you are an idealist and rather foolish. If you want a 'voice for the people' read the flatlander or some other free paper if you can find it, they certainly don't deliver to your door. If you don't sell add space your dead, if you don't sell classified adds, your dead as disco.

My only criticism of the BoY 2007 is the missed opportunity to really make the list more about the people and connect with the community. This approach would not cost much more include, heck you could do on one page with smaller pictures. with the added awards and the competition they would spark, you might just sell a boat load more newspapers.
Here are my suggestions. -

Best Elementary School Teacher
Best Middle School Teacher
Best High School Teacher
Best Middle School Coach (Girls) and (Boys)
Best High School Coach (Girls) and (Boy)
Best Elementary School Principal or Vice Principal
Best Middle School Principal or Vice Principal
Best High School Principal or Vice Principal
Best City of Woodland Policeman
Best Yolo County Sheriff's Deputy
Best City of Woodland Firefighter
Best place to donate unwanted goods for charity
Best place to take a first date
Best local rock band
Best local country band
Best local rap artist
Best local artist - sculpture
Best place to view wildlife
Best local winery
Best record & cd store
Best place in the shade to spend three hours doing nothing
Best City Park
Best place to browse cool things you can't afford
Best place to buy a new motorcycle
Best place to taco truck
Best used book store
Best free tour
Best local website
-and of course-
Best local Blogger (Inside Woodland , Matt Rexroad and The Pile get my vote)

Any other ideas?

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