Thursday, October 18, 2007

Lights, sirens, helicopters and Life Flight, in Esparto


Well, if there is going to be any trouble around Esparto, you can usually drive out my way to find it. Today we had it in spades.

It seems that about the time I turned on the Red Sox - Indians ALCS game I heard the sound of a treetop level helicopter buzzing my house followed by a herd of CHP and Sheriff's cars. A few minutes later I went to the back door to see a Life Flight helicopter landing in the neighbors alfalfa field.

I must say that I strongly dislike 'Lookie Loos', the you type that stop their car to gawk at a wreck on the opposite side of the freeway causing 'rubber neck' backups. I don't do it, but I married into a family of professional gawkers.

My wife was in town and heard that the road was blocked off at our house. She went to go see what was going on. There she met my father in law, he could be on the Professional Gawker Tour if they ever bothered to organize one.

When my wife came back to the house with her father they told us all about the event that brought so much commotion to our rural little slice of Yolo County.

It seems that a high speed pursuit had been going on for quite a while around the Esparto area involving a Suzuki motorcycle and numerous police agencies with a helicopter thrown in for good measure. The motorcycle went screaming by our house and at the next intersection the CHP had a road block set up with two patrol cars. The spacing between the cars was only a few feet and the cars were slightly off set so there was no clear path between them. The motorcycle rider decided he could make it through the road block, but he must have failed his spatial relation and reasoning class when he was in high school because he smashed his bike into one of the squad cars sending Japanese motorcycle parts and himself scattered all over road 23.

My father in law said the Highway patrol officer had a pretty serious leg injury from either the motorcycle smashing into his leg or parts of the wreckage cutting into his leg. He seemed to be alert and awake waiting for the ambulance, the rider of the bike was taken by Life Flight before the gawking duo arrived on scene.

So thats about it. I hope everyone involved will recover. Even the speeding motorcycle jackass, hey I have a soft spot for speeding motorcycle jack asses, I used to be one. I hope the officer heals and is back on the job soon, we need him to keep the casino players from running us locals off the road on their way to loose their money.

Channel 3 just knocked on my door to ask if I wanted to be interviewed about what I heard and saw. I politely declined and sent the reporter over to my father in laws house. This should make for good TV. See you at 10:00

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