Monday, October 08, 2007

What's worse than being a buffalo?

I don't know, what is worse than being a buffalo?

wait for it.......

Being a Buffalo Bill!


McGehee said...

Or maybe, getting a buffalo bill.

Them critters ain't cheap.

Yolo Cowboy said...

I hear ya. I have an 1886 takedown in 45/70 that I would love to sneak up on a big buff bull with. But from what I hear, that kind of hunt is rare.

Why on earth would you pay 3-6,000 dollars to drive out in the same pick up they feed the buffalo with and shoot one from 30 yards away? That kind of hunting turns my stomach.

If you are disabled or have some medical condition, I will give you a pass, but if your an attorney from Phoenix who jets out to Nebraska to sit in the Hotel bar for a week and then goes out to shoot a big bull in a 2 acre pasture, you need help.

I am thinking of how good a buffalo rug would look in my living room. I doubt the wife would let me swap out the oriental rug for a 100 square feet of shaggy hair, but a guy can always dream right?

McGehee said...

Heck, I'm happy if I know a place I can drive by and look at the buffalo somebody else bought and is feeding. When I lived in Alaska there was a neighbor who had a small herd of buffalo. My wife and I both drove past the place every day, just going about our business.

Hereabouts, the nearest herd I've found is several miles away and not really on the way to anyplace.

Used to be some longhorns at a farm on more of a main road a little closer to home, but a "for sale" sign went up there shortly after I first discovered it, and the animals are long gone.