Friday, October 19, 2007

Turning the tables?

Living here in the Capay Valley, you come recognize certain facts.

  • The Casino isn't going away.
  • Organic farmers smell a little weird.
  • Don't plan any social event on opening weekend of deer season.
  • If none of the players on your youth soccer team speak Spanish, your going loose. Badly.
  • The majority of the residents in the area drink alcohol, lots of alcohol.
So it came as a surprise tonight when I dropped by the Capay Junction looking around for my friend, the bar was almost empty. Hmm. Where is everyone?

The word at the bar was this is the final weekend of B zone deer hunting. That could explain it. While I ordered my usual Sprite, the bar tender laughed and said the tea totalers out numbered the beer drinkers that night. I looked around and it was true. Four of us at the bar were drinking soda and my buddy Skip was having a beer.

One of the guys drinking soda I met at church a few weeks ago. We talked about how weird it was. Hey I know that some folks in some churches would not approve of being at a bar for any reason. But I don't worry about those people. Everyone needs the grace of Jesus Christ, including those trying to drink their troubles away.

I have never stood up on the pool table and given a sermon, far from it. I just talk with my friends and when they ask why I'm not drinking I explain that I stopped a while ago and I don't seem to miss it. Most of them know I am go to church because of the wedding as funeral services I have performed for friends. I would find it hard to stand in front of them holding a Bible one week and then have them watch me get hammered the next week.

I am the furthest thing from a good Christian you will find. However I do understand that people are looking at me to see if I walk the walk. I try not to do anything that would have people scoff at God because of my actions. I try to do right by people and be there for my friends when they need help.

We all try, we all fail, we all fall short of glory of God, yours truly included.
But I'm trying.

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