Saturday, October 13, 2007

Hannah Montana vs Metallica

I was sitting on the couch the other day watching the news when I heard two familiar yet distinct sounds coming from the other room. The loudest of the two was 'For whom the bell tolls' a song by Metallica that my song is learning to play on guitar and bass. The second was a little quieter, yet more annoying by a factor of 10. It was 'Best of both worlds'.

Cmon cowboy, Van Halen is still good music, you don't have to like Sammy, you can still be a David Lee Roth fan and enjoy "Best of both worlds".

No, no. Not 'Best of both worlds' I'm talking about "Best of both worlds"


Hannah flippin Montana's best of both worlds.

A stark contrast I know, but hey my son is 14 my daughter is 7.

I guess they are both age appropriate, well Metallica is a little dark and heavy for a freshman but he likes the music more than the lyrics at this point.

I guess I could have a larger problem if he was listening to Hannah Montana and she was banging her head to Metallica.

Kids, what are you going to do?