Thursday, October 04, 2007

Domestic non-blissfulness.

I am not sure why, but my wife enjoys when I leave the house for a few days. I know what your thinking, its because you're a screaming jackass Cowboy, thats why. Nope.

She enjoys having the California King sized bed all to herself. Well she does have to share it with her Jack Russell Terrier Lexi, or the 'little ball of hate' as I call her, but the dog sleeps on my pillow anyway. No snoring from me, no showering noises at 5:30 to wake her, she really enjoys her slumbering time alone. With me gone, it means less laundry, less dishes and more time to watch Grey's Anatomy without me making wise cracks about Mc Dreamy or Mc Steamy or Mc whoever she likes.

When my wife is out of town for a fews days, I hate it. Not that I am a stranger to domestic activity mind you, truth be told I am the better cook and I know my way around the washing machine and dishwasher, but the house is different without her.

I hate sleeping alone. When I roll over in bed and can keep going all the way to the other side, I wake up. When she goes away I get to watch whatever I want, eat whatever I want and use as many pillows as I like. My wife is a certified pillow hog and uses three at the minimum and I have to fight to get mine back if I come come to bed and she is still reading.

Still, with me asserting my authority as king over my home, doing as I please, watching tv with a glass of chocolate milk and cooking with garlic and extra onions, I am a disheartened monarch.

My wife should return Saturday night from Harris Ranch, she is attending a seminar on horse racing and things will return to normal. The dog will ignore me once again, the kids will follow her around as usual and I for one will be a happy co-monarch.

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