Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Esparto Creeper

Its been almost two weeks since my infamous knee smashing incident on my quad, so I figured what the heck, lets take a day trip to the Clay Pits.

To be honest, it was not the place I was thinking of when my brother in law asked us to go. I thought we were going to Marysville to ride by the river, when I called from Woodland to ask where we going to meet up he said, the conversation went like this;

"Do you know where Gridley is?" he asked.

" Yes", I answered, "but why do I need to go to Gridley if we are going to ride in Marysville"?

"You need to go ten miles north of Gridley and take a right East Hamilton road, then left on Larkin Road" he explained.

"Dude, that's almost in Oroville" I replied.


After an almost two hour drive from my house, we arrived at the 'Clay Pits' SVRA park. It is a nice place to take beginner to intermediate ATV and dirt bike riders. When we parked and unloaded, we had the place to ourselves, by 1:00 the place was buzzing with forty or fifty riders. There is plenty of room in the park, so you could always find an area to have to yourself.

I took it easy with my knee still hurting from my last act of self-inflicted stupidity. My father in law just purchased a new Yamaha Grizzly 700. He is a new rider so he took it easy for most of the day, trying to get comfortable with his new quad and trying not to get it dirty. He has a new nickname, he is now known as The Esparto Creeper. While my son and I were having a blast riding through the muddy water at getting soaked in the process, The Creeper kept his shiny new toy well out of splashing range and would not be provoked into the water no matter how bad of a time we gave him.

Here are a few pictures of my son getting wet.

Here he is catching some air.

All in all, a fun day and I didn't break, sprain, bruise or lacerate a single body part. When you pass your fortieth birthday, these thing are more important than how much hang time you had going off the jumps.

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