Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hillary wins the Keystone State.

Hi Kathy, congratulations on Hillary winning last night.

Thanks Mark

It looks like this could go on all the way to Denver and the Convention.

It sure will, Hillary is a fighter

That's for sure, too bad she doesn't have enough delegates to win.

She will if she gets all the Super Delegates smarty pants.

I'm just sayin' there is no way she can win, Barack has more delegates and more votes.

She is a determined woman, she can do it.

Determination? Its impossible for her to win, why doesn't she get out of Barack's way and let him start taking on McCain?

McCain is going to mop the floor with your smooth talking dreamer.

Barack isn't like the rest of the politicians, he wants to reach out, put aside partisanship and get things done for real Americans.

Oh, you mean like he has done in his three years as United States Senator? What has he done for Pete's sake, he hasn't reached across the isle to anyone, he hasn't sponsored any real legislation, all he's done is run for President the past three years.

Well, at least he's not a washed up, bag of venom that more than half the country hates to it's core.

At least Hillary doesn't have some crazy preacher making stupid statements about race.

No, she has Bill to do that......

Ok sir, here is your tripple shot, soy, carmel macchiato, with extra whipped cream, and mam, here is your non-fat latte extra hot with the foam in a seperate cup.

Can I have a large coffee?

So that is a venti Gold Coast?

Is that a large?

Yea, sort of.

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Anonymous said...

I hate it when they look at me funny for not speaking their language. "Gold Coast? No I asked for a coffee. COF-FEE!"