Friday, April 18, 2008

Oh great, yet another sign I am officially old

Where did my youth go? It seems like only a few years ago I was listening to Foreigner on my AM/FM Cassette deck, a cassette tape was before CDs kids, ask your parents, or grandparents. Yes, with the cool breeze flowing trough my shoulder length hair in my almost new 1979 pickup, I can remember singing along, badly, to Hot Blooded and now this.
AARP is proud to present its 15-city Feels Like the First Time Tour with the classic rock band Foreigner. Foreigner-- led by its founder, chief songwriter and legendary guitarist Mick Jones -- will draw from its repertoire of Top 10 hits, including Cold as Ice, Double Vision, Hot Blooded, Urgent and Waiting For a Girl Like You.
The AARP! Am I that old? What's next, Van Halen doing adds for Quaker Oats, Ozzy Osbourne selling diabetic supplies?

The horror of it all.

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