Wednesday, April 02, 2008

When it rains, God sends folks with umbrellas and sandbags.

Sorry for not posting. It has been busy around casa de Cowboy.

First of all, I have proven beyond the shadow of a doubt I am way too old to do wheelies on my quad. I have the limp to prove it. My son is learning how to do slow speed wheelies and I thought I would show young pup how the old dog does it. I went a little too high and came off the back landing on my patella. Asphalt does not give very much. Nothing fractured, but I am sore as can be.

On the same evening I was playing Evil knievel, someone very close to me was taken in to the doctors office, almost kicking and screaming, to see why she was feeling so lousy. It didn't seem like much at the time, maybe an asthma attack, but they didn't know what it was and they wouldn't let her come home. The doctors couldn't find the problem, she had all the signs of a heart attack minus the enzymes that they find in the bloodstream. When she went to the ICU, thats when the cell phones started ringing. I had called some of the people in our small group Bible study and left a message while my wife started calling family.

I was at my doctor getting my knee looked at, when I got the call from my wife that things were getting serious. My doctor told to me to stop being a whus, my knee would be fine in week and to tough it out.

I arrived at the hospital and rang the ICU phone, when I was let it, I didn't need to be shown to her room, the whole family was there. Her family is very loud. I peeked in and said hello, then we tried to give her some privacy. Later in the day our friends from small group and even Pastor John stopped by to see how everyone was doing, keep our spirits up and led everyone in prayer.

I had gone home to rest my knee, but there was one poor guy in the ICU waiting room who wasn't with our group and John put his arm around the guy and prayed with him too. When John had left, one our group apologized to the man for mixing him in with our family and they man said it was not a problem and that he needed all the help he could get for his loved one in the ICU. My church is awesome.

As I write this, our special someone has three brand new stints in her and is resting comfortably in a Sacramento hospital. Praise God.

When I go through a crisis like this, I try remember to ask God to walk beside me, even if I can't see it reasons, thy will be done Lord. I know what I would like the outcome to be, but sometimes that is not God's will. I guess it is easy to heap praise on God on a day like today, but what if things had not gone the way I wanted? Would I feel the same? Probably not.

It is hard to praise God when our human side want to curse Him. Through a few dark times in my life I have learned one thing. The Lord is with us when things are the darkest, even when you think they cannot get any worse, even then, He is with us. He gives us hopes, comforts us, sends us people to care for our needs, in a word, He loves us in our sorrow.

Sometimes he answers our prayers just as we ask him. A huge thank you to everyone at our church who has been praying for us. We love you guys.

I can say that my church is an awesome church, because my God is an awesome God. He has filled our lives with people who care about us, would drop everything and come to our aid if needed and I hope we would do the same for them.

Do you have people who are there for you when you are in need?
I hope so, I really do.

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fetching jen said...

YC - the truest test of faith is still believing when things are going wrong. Best wishes for speedy recoveries to you and your special family member. Take it easy on that knee dude.