Monday, April 21, 2008

I think I may have sprained my eardrums

I now know why I don't live in the town of Esparto. One of the many meeting I have each month is held at the Esparto Fire Department meeting hall. The Yolo County Cattlemen and Wool Growers Association meetings are usually 90 minutes long and when we adjourn we always seem to linger in the parking lot for five or ten minutes before we head home. I have found a definite flaw in the way we leave our meetings.

The fire department siren, mounted forty feet above the fire house on the old water tower, is louder than any Van Halen concert I ever attended. Oh my goodness. With no warning our small talk went from a friendly level to 118 dB in half a second. No words were said, we all waved goodbye and trotted to the relative safety of our cars.

Punishment for lingering I guess. Maybe they should use these to break up riots or take paint off houses.

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