Saturday, May 03, 2008

Golf, I need to play more, and by more, I mean more than once a year.

I was asked to play in a just for fun golf event at work yesterday. The group needed a fourth, and my co-worker asked if I played well. I laughed, hard.

Are you kidding?
I play once or twice a year, my average score for 18 holes is the average temperature for Phoenix Arizona, in August.

It was a scramble event and all in all, I played pretty well. I sank two 10 footers and hit three or four long drives that actually stayed on the fairway. Not bad for a once a year hacker.

I won't tell you about the ones I topped, skulled, shanked, and the drive that didn't make it past the lady's tee. We used to have a rule when we played 'daiquiri golf' back in college, if your drive didn't make it past the lady's tee you had to play that hole with you pants down.

No, I didn't play that hole in my boxers, I am glad I don't play with close friends who could shame me into doing it.

Nobody, and I mean nobody, wants to see that.

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