Friday, May 23, 2008

Ooh, it seems I hit a nerve.

One thing about writing out your opinion, folks will have plenty to say about it.

I have received a few email about my piece on Senator Obama, some people want to take me out to the woodshed and some have wondered about my intelligence.

I wanted to publish my response to one email because it seemed more like a blog post than an email reply. I basically asked why are you voting for Obama?

I enjoy asking people why they are going to vote for Senator Obama and they usually speak about Bush, the war is a waste of time and money, the economy is terrible and oil prices are high. Not one person has pointed to a piece of legislation that Senator Obama has written while in the Senate or legislation he co sponsored with a republican in a bipartisan way, its always, Bush is bad and I am voting for change.

George W Bush will not be on the ballot this fall, so you had better find something to vote for, not someone to vote against.

If you listen to Obama's words, he speaks in broad generalities, there are hardly any specifics. There is a reason for this, if you don't give specifics, no one can ask you how it will work. My point is, as much as he wants to paint himself as an outsider who doesn't act like a typical politician, Barack Obama is exactly that. He has had three years to 'work together' and cross over the isle to 'get something done for America', and he has voted on straight party lines. In three years, he has the most liberal voting record in the US Senate. That is a fact that cannot be smoothed over with a stirring speech. He doesn't want to bring the country together, he wants the country to unite behind his liberal ideas.

Health care, if you think health care is expensive now, wait until its free. There is a reason people are flocking over our northern border to get life saving medical care, the government run health care system in Canada is absolutely terrible. Why would you sit at home to die waiting for a medical procedure that is rationed out? Look, when you listen to big government people telling you that bigger government is going to fix your problems, you had better think twice.

We could talk about the war in Iraq for months, I believe we are finally winning the peace after winning the war. You may want to read the new book by Michael Yon, or read his blog. He is on the ground, outside the wire, on the front lines, not in the green zone or back in New York telling everyone how the war is lost. He is not a Bush backer, he was extremely critical of the policies on the ground before the surge, but he is now telling of how we are winning and why leaving the way Obama proposes would be a disaster for Iraq and for America. Our troops are killing the terrorists, and al Queda is running out of suicide bombers and martyrs. Iran is shipping men and supplies into Iraq to kill our troops, they are now the ones keeping the insurgency alive.

We are at war, you may not like how we went to war, I wish the intelligence had been better myself, but that does not change the fact that Islamic fascists want to kill you and me and every American down to the last man, woman and child. We must defeat them, they are not going away, they can't be bargained with, they cannot be pacified, that form of radical Wahabist Islam must be stamped out.

The Economy has been in recession for two years? By what measure? Do you understand what a recession is? The housing bubble is what it is, blaming Bush for the housing market crash would be the same as blaming President Clinton for the Tech Bubble crash. I am also in IT and I remember 1999, 2000 and 2001 very well.

The unemployment rate as of April 2008 is at 5.0%, that is very low historically.The economy may be slowing down and we may yet have two straight quarters of decline in the GDP, that is the definition of a recession is by the way, but even the doom and gloomers say if we do see a recession, it will be short and mild.

As for oil prices, I would recommend doing a little reading about what a market economy is and how it works. Do you know who the largest supplier of foreign oil to the US is?

Saudi Arabia? No.
Iraq? No.
It's Canada, followed by Mexico.

Oil prices are set by the free market, not by Shell and Mobile, if we didn't buy oil at $135 a barrel, China would gobble it up faster than you can imagine. Supply and demand, it comes back down to that. If the democrats would let us drill off shore and in a tiny portion of Alaska, we would have more domestic oil, it isn't the answer to our energy problems, but it is one more source of energy we don't have to go out and purchase on the open market. By the way, Exxon Mobile paid 30 BILLION dollars in taxes last year, which is more than the bottom 50% of the population paid in taxes last year. If you want free stuff from the government, you might want to say thanks to the goose who lays the eggs.

As for the financing of Obama, he is doing great raising money. Lots of people are giving to his campaign and that is good, but its not all regular working class folks shelling out $10 to help Obama. and the Daily Kos do great work getting people to give to liberal causes, and the fact that he is the darling of the media doesn't hurt his fund raising either.

If people actually compared what he does with what he says instead of falling for buzzwords like hope and change, he would be just another pretty guy in a suit. Like I have said, Socialism is change, but it doesn't offer much hope.

Action speak volumes.
Senator Obama hasn't reached out, hasn't worked with the other party, hasn't done a darn thing to make this nation better other than run for President. When you run for President, your resume had better have a little more on it than this;

Joined a church for political reasons, its in his book if you want to look it up, where he listened to a crazy America-hating preacher for 20 years.

Became a community organizer, what ever that is.

State Senator for two terms.

US Senator from Illinois for three years.

Sorry, that is a cabinet level resume at best, not the top slot.

I know may read this and think I am full of beans, and you still may believe Obama when he smiles and tells you he is the answer. I see Senator Obama for what he is, the most liberal candidate the Democrats have put up for a generation or two. If you remember Jimmy Carter's time in office fondly, you will love the Obama presidency.
I wonder if Jim Smith at the Daily Democrat spends his days answering emails from upset readers?
I'll be he gets more than I do.

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