Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Hillary; dead as disco?

Morning Kathy, I see your girl barely beat Obama in Indiana, and Barack beat her like a rented mule in North Carolina.

Yea, yea, well Obama doesn't have enough delegates to clinch the nomination Mark.

C'mon Kathy, give it up, she's toast. The super delegates aren't going to save her. Her time is past, Barack is the future of the democratic party.

I don't care what you say Mark, we are fighting it all the way to Denver.

Look Kathy, even Tim Russert said that Barack is going to be the nominee, why doesn't she drop out and go back to New York, or Arkansas or where ever she came from.

Who made Tim Russert the King maker? Just cause he says its so doesn't make it a fact Mark.

Look Kathy, Hillary is an old battle axe from the past, the clock has struck twelve and she has the smell of ripe pumpkin all around her. Let the dream go, your not going to have woman President this year.

Pumpkin or not, I will be at Denver screaming out her name when she accepts the nomination after the Super delegates find out a little more about your big eared, America hating, smooth talking, closet Muslim.

Closet Muslim, Kathy, what are you talking about? You know Barack better than that. He's no Muslim.

I know, I'm sorry, I just want Hillary to win so much.

C'mon Kathy, I'll buy you a double, non-fat, soy latte.

Thanks Mark. Sorry about the big eared thing.

Don't worry about it, it will all be over soon.

I know, and I just bought another dozen Hooray for Hillary t-shirts to give out as mother's day gifts. They were on closeout.

I'll bet they were.

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