Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Prius owners are killing the planet!

That is what my bumper sticker will say when I get one of these....

What is it? Its the Volkswagen 1L concept car. It should be out in 2010, hey that's less than two years away. This car gets, are you ready for this, 200 miles per gallon.

I can see it now, all the used Prius' sitting next to the Suburbans and the Hummers in the 'gas guzzler' portion of the car lot.

Wait a minute, if we all drove these cars, we would reduce our oil use, and if we reduce our oil use, the supply of oil will last longer, if the supply lasts longer that will not drive the market to find alternative sources of fuel. We will still be burning fossil fuels! The horror, the horror.

Oh my, I'll bet the environmentalist are in a quandary, it would be better for them if we just ran out of oil. I remember hearing about how we would run out of oil by the year 2000, then it was 2010, and now its 2050 or something like that. So what if every car on the planet delivered 200 miles a gallon, would the greens be happy then? No, because we would still be burning oil and oil is evil don't you know.

Maybe they should change tactics. Maybe they should promote driving old muscle cars, if we all had to drive a 1971 Chevy Chevelle with an LS6 big block with 456 gears in the rear end, we would be getting about 4-7 miles per gallon. Say goodbye to all the light sweet crude.

We would use up the oil much faster, and we would get to where we are going much quicker. I know its silly, but dang, it would be cool. I would opt for a Hemi Cuda if I had my choice.

I may buy a 1L VW when they come out, not because I want to act superior and feel like I'm doing something to save the world, its because I'm cheap.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe they should change tactics. Maybe they should promote driving old muscle cars

That's why I'm sticking with my 14-mpg Bronco. As always, doing my part to push Western Civilization into the future.